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February 8, 2005

Dear RTCU User,

The new year has finally arrived with exciting new technical as well as business possibilities emerging within the area of GSM/GPRS/GPS Telemetry/Telematics.

This first newsletter in 2005 is quite short, but still bringing some new developments and appetizers on what is coming up.

Please read all about the exciting news below.

best regards,

Logic IO


RTCU GPRS Gateway Professional is now available

The RTCU GPRS Gateway Professional version 1.07 is finally being released and includes many advanced features and a defined roadmap with many important features:

  • Can run as a Windows Service. This means that the Gateway service will start without Windows logon and can also be remotely managed as a service.
  • Remote access via the included Windows GUI or via TELNET.
  • Full password protection for remote access.
  • Up to 10 client keys supported, for more flexible password management.
  • Disconnect timeout for inactive clients.
  • Advanced filtering feature allows monitoring/logging on specific client and/or logging level.
  • Designed for several thousand clients and massive traffic.
  • Encrypted traffic (available later as a free upgrade)
  • VSMS over GSM SMS (available later as a free upgrade)
  • Support for advanced deployment/upgrade facilities
    (available later as a free upgrade)
  • Comes with a comprehensive user documentation.
  • Free for evaluation with up to 10 clients. License must be purchased for additional clients.

The RTCU GPRS Gateway Professional 1.07 is available for evaluation now and can be downloaded from www.rtcu.dk.

The RTCU A5i is now available

The RTCU A5i is a "faceliftet" version of the current RTCU A5 that simply includes the NiMh/NiCd charging circuit previously only found on the RTCU A9i.
With this new feature on the A5 the battery backup option is now also available on this low-end unit further expanding its possibilities.

VMSGW.DLL Wrapper for Visual Basic

The VSMSGW.DLL library, as included in the GPRS Gateway Deployment Package, currently available for Visual C/C++ only can now be used from Visual Basic using the wrapped functions in this new library. The VSMSGW.DLL library is a simple library that allows sending/receiving VSMS messages using the RTCU GPRS Gateway. This new package includes a small Visual Basic project that demonstrates how to send/receive VSMS messages using the VSMSGW.DLL wrapper.
Visit the download section on www.rtcu.dk for more information.

Internal Battery Module for the M11 Series

The Internal battery Module for the RTCU M11 Series is now available. The module fits inside the M11 unit and includes NiMh batteries and the necessary battery charging circuit necessary for efficient charging. The Internal Battery Module will be available with 700 mAh or 1400 mAh and the charging time is as low as 2 hours. The product can be fitted by the customer.

 RTCU M11 Series Battery Module Support Package

This package is an interim release to support the new RTCU M11 Series Internal Battery Module, as mentioned above, until a full firmware and IDE release is available.
The package includes Firmware for the M11 Series version 4.71, updated Help files for the RTCU IDE on-line help, VPL include file with the new functions available to control the charging and finally a document describing the installation of this package.
The package can be
downloaded from www.rtcu.dk

Advanced remote upgrade and deployment facilities

The Logic IO team is currently working on new advanced features for remote upgrade and deployment of RTCU units. Advanced remote upgrade and deployment features are extremely important features and a key parameter in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a telemetry/telematic device.
Currently we support unprecedented remote access, upgrade and diagnostic features with the possibility to upgrade the application remotely over CSD (datacall) and GPRS. Upgrading of firmware is currently only available using CSD.
The advanced remote upgrade and deployment facilities will bring you these new features:

  • Upgrade of application and firmware over GPRS/CSD/CABLE while the unit is still executing the current application/firmware. This means no interruptions during upgrade!

  • Possibility to resume an upgrade attempt that previously been initiated, but not completed. This means no waste of bandwidth (=money) to redo upgrades. The unit will be in full operation during the upgrade.

  • Automatically or application initiated choice when to switch over to new application/firmware. All that is required to switch over to the new firmware/application is a reset of the unit, which will only interrupt the operation of the device for a few seconds.

The RTCU Communication Deployment Package will be extended to include these features and a new version of the RTCUProg program that will use these features will be the first evidence of these new features.

Later the RTCU GPRS Deployment & Upgrade Server will be released that offers automatically upgrade of application/firmware on a large number of RTCU units without user intervention.

More information will follow...

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