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April 18, 2005

Dear RTCU User,

We are hereby sending you the latest Logic IO RTCU Newsletter with exciting announcements, including the new and very powerful background update functionality allowing GPRS firmware/application upgrade while the unit is in full operation!

Please read all about the exciting news below.

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Advanced remote upgrade and deployment facilities

Logic IO are today releasing support for the advanced upgrade and deployment facilities previously announced.
With these new features software upgrade will be extremely easy, fast, reliable and with minimum impact on the customer as the unit will continue to operate - even during the upgrade process!

The features released includes:

  • Firmware upgrade over GPRS now fully supported.

  • Upgrade of application and firmware over GPRS/CSD/CABLE while the unit is still executing the current application/firmware (background update)
    This means no interruptions during upgrade!

  • Possibility to resume an upgrade attempt that previously was initiated, but not completed. This means no waste of bandwidth (=money) to redo upgrades. The unit will be in full operation during the upgrade.

  • Automatically or application initiated choice when to switch over to the new application/firmware. All that is required to switch over to the new firmware/application is a reset of the unit, which will only interrupt the operation for 5-20 seconds.

Today Logic IO are releasing the "RTCU Background Update Package" that includes:

  • Documentation for using the package.

  • RTCUProg Programming Utility supporting the background update functionality.

  • Firmware version 4.72 for A9i and M10/M11 Series.

  • VPL include file with new upgrade notification functionality allowing the application to decide when to switch to the new application/firmware.

The "RTCU Background Update Package" must be considered as an interim release as the full support for background upgrade will be included in future tools from Logic IO, including the next RTCU IDE release.

The RTCU GPRS Deployment & Upgrade Server will soon be released offering automatically upgrade of application/firmware on a large number of RTCU units without user intervention.

The "RTCU Background Update Package V1.00" is available now and can be downloaded from www.rtcu.dk.

Also see seperate release notes on Firmware version 4.72 and the RTCUProg utility.

RTCU Communication Deployment Package V4.50

The RTCU Communication Deployment Package forms the basis for all communication with the RTCU Units using Cable, CSD (data call) or GPRS.
The functionality included in the package is extremely comprehensive and well tested as this package is actually used in all Logic IO products, including the RTCU IDE and RTCUProg programs.

Available for download is the updated "RTCU Communication Deployment Package" version 4.50 with the following enhancements:

  • Support for the new Background update facilities, allowing upgrade of application/firmware over Cable/CSD/GPRS while the unit is still executing the current application/firmware. (also see above)
  • The RTCUProg demonstration project has been expanded with many new features including support for the Background update functionality.
  • Enhanced stability and speed when connected via. cable to a unit.

The "RTCU Communication Deployment Package V4.50" is available now and can be downloaded from www.rtcu.dk.

RTCUProg V4.50 released

The RTCUProg standalone programming utility has been enhanced to fully support the new Background Update functionality, allowing update of application/firmware over Cable/CSD and even GPRS WHILE the unit is in full operation.

Also included is a Users's Guide describing the operation of this tool.

 Firmware for RTCU A9i and RTCU M10/M11 Series V4.72

Firmware version 4.72 for the RTCU A9i and M10/M11 Series has been released.
A number of enhancements are included in this release:

  • Update of firmware over GPRS fully supported.

  • Background update of firmware / application while unit is in full operation supported. Possibility to resume interrupted upgrade attempt.

  • New functionality to handle application name / version in connection with automatic updates: verSetAppProfile(),verGetAppVersion(),verGetAppName().

  • Startup time before VPL application starts running is reduced
    to approx. 1 second (without programming cable).

  • owTempGet() changed to return -9999, even when an owSearch() did no initially find the device.

  • Optimized serial (RS232) protocol implemenation. Upto 50% faster.

  • Enhanced handling of PIN code entry during GSM power-up.

  • Enhanced implementation with less overhead when using gsmCheckSMS().

  • Enhanced Support for the M11 Series internal battery back-up module.

By upgrading to this firmware version all future upgrades can be performed using the new background update functionality - even using GPRS!

This new firmware release is available now from www.rtcu.dk.

...under development

Logic IO are always busy working on new enhancements and products.
Currently we are working with the following:

  • Encrypted and Compressed GPRS Gateway communication.
    Higher safety and lower communication costs are the result of these coming features!

  • RTCU GPRS Deployment & Upgrade Server.
    Automatic upgrade of application/firmware is made possible with this server using the just released background update features.

  • Optimizing EIS Compiler (Enhanced Instruction Set).
    This is the next generation VPL compiler with optimized instruction set and deep dead code elimination. These advanced features will reduce the size of an application with upto 50% and also break the current 128 KByte limitation per task!!
    These features will allow much larger programs without adding more physical memory!

  • Visual Basic support for the RTCU Communication Deployment Package.

  • Next release of the RTCU IDE with many enhancements.

  • RTCU MX2
    The "next generation" RTCU that will be a more compact design with a powerfull 32-bit processor, extremely advanced power-management, CAN-bus, SD-CARD support, Bluetooth and much much more...

Suggestions, comments and ideas to new features/products are always welcomed...

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