Logic IO Newsletter
August 10, 2005

Dear RTCU User,

This is a short Newsletter to inform you on a minor release of the RTCU IDE
version 4.61 and the availability of the new M11i Series.
Read more below..

Best regards,

The Logic IO Team


RTCU IDE 4.61 released

RTCU IDE version 4.61 is a minor release that fixes a few bugs and includes a couple of enhancements:
  • Enhancement of the I/O Monitor dialog allowing it to remain open while performing other tasks.
  • Separate folder support for include files in the Project Control (project tree).
  • Reset of unit over GPRS or CSD now informs the user that the unit will not reset before sessions terminates.
  • Bug fixed in the Simulator-Flash window one entry could sometimes appear twice.
  • Bug fixed in the Simulator-Flash window where sometimes an entry manipulated from the application was not updated.
  • Direct Application upload over GPRS now possible.
  • Bug fixed in upload of voice only where the application was also transferred.
  • Minor changes in the on-line help.

Please download it from www.rtcu.dk

RTCU M11i Series

The RTCU M11i Series is now available and in stock. Also the new XFLASH option can be ordered in limited quantities.
This "facelift" of the M11 Series includes the following enhancements:

  • Supports the Lassen IQ 12-channel GPS receiver.
    Can also be delivered with the Lassen SQ 8-channel GPS receiver.
  • XFLASH option:
    Support for optional 512 KByte extra flash capacity for additional 2000 persistent entries.
  • Up to additional 8 MByte on-board flash supported by the hardware.
  • Digitized audio is available on the headset connector.
  • No restriction on the use of the ignition input.
    Ignition can permanently be activated and the unit can still recover from GSM/GPRS network problems.
  • Fully "plug compatible" with the current RTCU M11 Series.

...under development

Logic IO are always busy working on new enhancements and products.
Currently we are working with the following:

  • Next release of the RTCU GPRS Gateway Professional. Released soon

  • RTCU GPRS Deployment & Upgrade Server.
    Automatic upgrade of application/firmware is made possible with this server using the just released background update features.

  • Encrypted and Compressed GPRS Gateway communication.
    Higher safety and lower communication costs are the result of these coming features!

  • RTCU MX2
    The "next generation" RTCU that will be a more compact design with a powerfull 32-bit processor, extremely advanced power-management, CAN-bus, SD-CARD support, Bluetooth and much much more...

Suggestions,comments and ideas to new features/products are always welcomed...

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