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October 3, 2005

Dear RTCU User,

This Newsletter is sent out to inform you about important news on the RTCU arena.

We have finally released the GPRS Upgrade & Deployment Server making upgrade of firmware/application in a larger number of installed units a breeze.

The M11i Series is now available with extended flash memory with up to 8 MB additional flash for really data intensive applications.

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GPRS Upgrade & Deployment Server

The GPRS Upgrade & Deployment Server (UDS) offers sophisticated features for Upgrade & Deployment of a number of RTCU units in operation. The UDS can be configured by the user to ensure that the specified units are running the correct firmware and application. The UDS will automatically upgrade the units as requested and this task will even take place during FULL unit operation. Any interruption in an upgrade attempt will be automatically handled and resumed to avoid any waste of expensive bandwidth.

The following features are available:

  • Uses the RTCU GPRS Gateway Professional to establish a connection to remote units.
  • Upgrades firmware and application automatically according to user-configuration.
  • Firmware and application can be upgraded during full operation of the unit.
    This unique feature minimizes downtime and the impact on the user.
  • Failed upgrade attempts will automatically be resumed at the point of interruption.
    This unique feature will reduce the cost and time of upgrading.
  • Automatically or application driven decision when to switch over to the new application/firmware. All that is required to switch over to the new firmware/application is a reset of the unit, which will only interrupt the operation for 10-20 seconds.
  • Up to 100 simultaneous upgrade sessions.
  • Supports applications that use VPL upgrade notifications.
  • Support for automatic programming of un-programmed factory delivered unit.
  • Comprehensive logging and status features.
  • Comes with full user documentation.

Please download it from www.rtcu.dk

GPRS Gateway Professional 1.11

A minor release to support the new RTCU GPRS Upgrade & Deployment Server (see above). To use the Upgrade & Deployment Server upgrading to the GPRS Gateway Professional 1.11 is required.

RTCU M11i Series XF / XF8 option

The RTCU M11i Series can now be ordered with additional Flash memory of either 512 KByte or a massive 8 MByte.
The M11i Series is therefore available in the following versions:

  • M11i
    Standard version without GPS receiver
  • M11i XF
    Additional 512 Kbyte flash (2000 persistent entries)
  • M11i XF8
    Additional 8 MByte flash (32600 persistent entries!)
  • M11Gi
    Standard version with 12-channel Lassen IQ GPS receiver
  • M11Gi XF
    Additional 512 Kbyte flash (2000 persistent entries)
  • M11Gi XF8
    Additional 8 MByte flash (32600 persistent entries!)

With up to 32600 additional persistent entries there should be enough memory for even the most memory hungry application!

The RTCU M11i Series is now as standard being delivered with the new Lassen IQ 12-channel GPS receiver with a significant higher performance than the older Lassen SQ 8-channel receiver.

...under development

Logic IO are always busy working on new enhancements and products.
Currently we are working with the following:

  • RTCU IDE 4.62

  • Encrypted and Compressed GPRS Gateway communication.
    Higher safety and lower communication costs are the result of these coming features!

  • RTCU MX2
    The "next generation" RTCU that will be a more compact design with a powerfull 32-bit processor, extremely advanced power-management, on-board high capacity battery, CAN-bus, SD-CARD support, Camera support, Bluetooth and much much more...

Suggestions, comments and ideas to new features/products are always welcomed..

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