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May 23, 2006

Dear RTCU User,

This Newsletter will bring the most important news since the launch of the first RTCU product back in year 2000. This Newsletter is about the release of the new
RTCU-MX2 Professional...

The RTCU-MX2 Professional is the first member of the next generation RTCU products based on a high-performance 32-bit ARM processor architecture. This giant leap in the technological level of the RTCU products opens up for a large number of new and advanced features not feasible with the "old" 16-bit Fujitsu generation.
We have named the new 32-bit ARM architecture generation, the "X32-generation"

The general advantages of the X32-generation are many, including:

  • Based on the industry leading / standard ARM architecture
  • State of the art 32-bit architecture
  • Lower power-consumption
  • Much faster execution. Up to 10 times has been measured
  • Advanced power-management with high flexibility in wake-up conditions
  • Higher memory capacity
  • Highly expandable
  • 100% Software compatible with the current generation of RTCU Products
    ALL software written and tested on the current generation of RTCU Products can run WITHOUT any modification on the new X32-generation.

The X32-generation core, including the ARM processor, used on the new RTCU-MX2 Professional will be the choice for all coming RTCU products.

The RTCU-MX2 Professional product has a number of advanced features not previously found our RTCU products, including:

  • Quad-band GSM support (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Full CAN 2.0B Controller with hardware filtering
  • SD-CARD reader with PC-Compatible FAT file-system support
    (Up to 2 GB capacity!)
  • Nokia compatible headset connector
  • Piezo buzzer for audible notification
  • Vibration sensor with user adjustable sensitivity
  • Advanced power-management many wake-up conditions, including:
    Digital input, Vibration, Timer, GSM-, CAN- or RS232 activity
  • On-board high capacity Li-Ion battery with optional low-temperature charging
  • Seamless voice support during an active GPRS session
  • Extended GSM information such as current cell-id, roaming status, etc.
  • Expandable with:
    VGA CMOS Camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile Data Terminal, +more...
  • Encapsulated in a compact aluminium housing with all interfaces externally available.
  • + many other features also seen on the current product generation

Read about all the features on the new RTCU-MX2 Professional in the datasheet available for download here. The Technical Manual for the RTCU-MX2 Professional is available here

The RTCU-MX2 Professional will require the use of the latest EIS32 enabled RTCU-IDE version 4.70 now available for download from www.rtcu.dk

With the launch of the RTCU-MX2 Professional Product we are proud to celebrate our first 6 year in the M2M business and can truly say that we are prepared and ready for the next 6 years...


Best regards,

The Logic IO Team

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