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June 28, 2006

Dear RTCU User,

The summertime is coming and before we go on a well deserved (we think!) holiday we are sending out this newsletter announcing exciting news and important releases on the RTCU scene.
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We wish you a nice and hot summer...

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The Logic IO Team



Logic IO will close in week 28 (July 10 to July 16, both dates included)
During this period we are not able to ship Products and Support will be limited, and only available through e-mail.
Logic IO will be operating on limited resources in week 29 (July 17 to July 23, both dates included) and our Shipment and Support capabilities will therefore be limited.

If deliveries are required before July 24 we therefore advise any orders to be placed as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Best regards,

The Logic IO Team

RTCU IDE V4.70 released

RTCU IDE version 4.70 has been released with the following enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  • EIS32 support for new the X32 generation instruction set. Fully backward compatible with EIS
  • STRUCT_BLOCK / END_STRUCT_BLOCK compiler support
  • System Information dialog are expanded to include MX2 flags, and changed to property sheets
  • New projects are now LARGE by default and EIS32 enabled as default
  • CAN functions added to Wizard and Online help
  • The simulator now remembers the state of the digital inputs when the IDE is closed
  • GPRS Console can now be resized to a smaller size and the "clear list" button is moved
  • It is now possible to Encrypt include files for safe distribution of code
  • TCP/UDP functions flyover help updated, and included in wizard

Simulator enhancements related to the RTCU MX2 Professional:

  • SD-CARD support
  • Full FAT12/FAT16 Filesystem support
  • Advanced Power Management (WaitForEvent)
  • Functions added to simulator:
    gsmGetLAC(), gsmGetCellID(), gsmGetStatus(), gsmGetLAC(), gsmGetCellID(), gsmGetStatus(), gsmGetLAC(), gsmGetCellID(), gsmGetStatus(), gsmGetCurrentProvider(), gsmGetHomeProvider(), gsmSIMPresent(), gsmSIMLocked(), boardBuzzer(), pmVibration(), boardGetProfileX()

Bugs that has been fixed in this release:

  • Simulator memory fields did not clear when simulator is reset
  • Background update was possible in monitor mode on some units
  • If connection to unit was lost and re-established during background transfer the upload type changed to direct in the window
  • If a LARGE project with EIS was changed to SMALL the EIS flag did not clear
  • Simulator was sending 1 byte to much over Gateway with gsmSendPDU
  • + smaller number of fixes and enhancements.

Please download it from www.rtcu.dk

RTCU MX2 Professional Firmware V1.00 released

The first GOLD release of the RTCU MX2 Professional Firmware has been released.
Upgrade is highly recommended as a number of issues has been solved compared to the 0.95 pre-release.

Pending features for release in firmware V1.01:

  • pmWaitEvent() with GSM support
  • pmSetSpeed() support
  • pmDeepSleep() and DeepSleep() support
  • Feature to log Debug- and GPRS-console messages to SD-CARD files

Please download it from www.rtcu.dk

GPRS Upgrade & Deployment Server 1.20 released

The most important new feature in this release is support for the new X32-Generation of units (RTCU MX2 Professional).

The following features has been added in version 1.20:

  • X32-Generation support with new Authentication transaction
  • Enhanced export functionality with all columns selectable
  • Update frequency can be adjusted
  • Unit list now allows sorting on all columns (except "progress")
  • Spurious deactivation of units has been fixed
  • + other smaller enhancements.

Please download it from www.rtcu.dk

RTCU Communication Protocol Documentation Set

The RTCU Communication Protocol Documentation Set has been updated to include:

  • RTCU GPRS Gateway Protocol (V2.00)
  • RTCU Serial Line Remote Access Protocol (V2.20)
  • RTCU RACP Transaction Specification (V1.10) New version

The X32-Generation of RTCU Products (currently the MX2) uses another Authentication transaction, which has been documented in this release.

Please request this Documentation Set by contacting Logic IO.

RTCU Micro Configuration Tool V2.33

The RTCU Micro Configuration Tool has been updated to work also with LARGE Memory Model RTCU units (A9i,M10/M11/M11i Series)

Please download it from www.rtcu.dk

...under development

Logic IO are always busy working on new enhancements and products.
Currently we are working on the following:

  • RTCU MX2 Accessories: Mobile Data Terminal, Bluetooth and Camera

  • Alternative GPS Receiver for the MX2 Professional

  • RTCU MX2 Professional Firmware V1.01

  • RTCU IDE V4.71

  • RTCU Gateway Professional V1.12

  • more...

Suggestions, comments and ideas to new features/products are always welcomed..

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