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November 2, 2006

Dear RTCU User,

I hope that You all had a great summer and found time to relax and fully charge the biological batteries. Here in Denmark it is now getting really colder and the days are becoming considerable shorter.  Looking back on the big percentage of this year that has already been gone, we at Logic IO are still not prepared to just look back waiting for Christmas. No-no, we do have considerable and important news in this Newsletter as well as in the Christmas edition - coming out before You know it!

In this newsletter we have a mixed basket of news, relevant information and release notifications. Most notable is the announcement of the Mobile Data Terminal product available for both the RTCU MX2 Professional and the RTCU M11/M11i Series. This product is seriously expanding the application areas, where RTCU products can be deployed.

Talking about Christmas, we want to spoil You already now!
We are on products shipped after November 1, 2006 extending the standard warranty period from 12 months to 18 months.

Keep on reading below and You will learn much more....

Best regards,

The Logic IO Team

 Mobile Data Terminal (MDT-100)


The Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) extends the RTCU MX2 Professional or RTCU M11/M11i Series with a flexible and easy to use user-interface solution with many advanced features, allowing all kinds of two-way messaging applications to be implemented. 
The Mobile Data Terminal is easily connected to the RTCU unit and includes the following features:

  • High contrast graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • 8 lines, 26 characters per line
  • 13 tactile, user definable keys
  • Built in piezo buzzer
  • 10 user selectable backlight levels
  • Two easy mounting options
  • Built for tough environments
  • High-level VPL library
  • Full simulator support in the RTCU-IDE
  • MDT on/off and standby functionality for maximum power saving

Application development for the Mobile Data Terminal is easily archived with easy to use high-level library functions accessible from the RTCU IDE. The VPL application using the MDT can be fully simulated in the RTCU IDE environment, before upload to a physical RTCU unit.

The Mobile Data Terminal is delivered ready for installation with the relevant interface cable for either the M11/M11i Series or RTCU MX2 Professional. Only thing required is to connect power!

The datasheet for this exciting new product is available here

For even more information, please visit our product section

RTCU IDE V4.71 released

RTCU IDE version 4.71 has been released with the following enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  • Maximum single JOB-size increased from 128 KB to 256KB (EIS32 only)
  • New X32 (MX2) Configuration dialog to setup debug and/or GPRS console messages to SD-CARD files and to set powerfail behaviour
  • New function to print out the unit configuration / system information
  • + smaller number of enhancements

Simulator enhancements:

  • Full simulator support for the new Mobile Data Terminal.
    Complete user-interface applications can be tested in the simulator
  • gwSendPacket() / gwReceivePacket() simulator support added. Can now connect to an external GPRS gateway

Bugs that has been fixed in this release:

  • boardBuzzer() did not stop, when simulator was halted
  • Direct voice transfer during a GPRS connection was disabled
  • Complex use of addr() and sizeof() operators could crash the IDE
  • + smaller number of bug-fixes

Please download it from www.logicio.com

RTCU A9i/M10/M11/M11i Firmware release 4.80

Firmware version 4.80 for the RTCU A9i/M10/M11/M11i Series has some minor enhancements and bug-fixes. Most important is the fixes for problems reported on units using the Siemens MC39i GSM module, that we have been forced to switch to, because the Siemens MC35i was obsoleted. The problems have been related to the use of SMS messages, especially during a GPRS session, where duplicated messages in some cases have been reported.


  • Full support for UDP/IP communication
    See the udpXXX API in RTCU IDE on-line help for more information
  • serForceDataReady() now works even with framing enabled
  • sockIPFromName() can now work with a dotted IP-address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) without requiring an active GPRS session
  • New return value (rc=5) added in gsmSendSMS() / gsmSendPDU() indicating that the message was rejected by the peer
  • BOOTUP message to Upgrade & Deployment server reduced from 5 to 3 send attempts
  • Authentication (RACP1/RACP2) now possible using the new X32 AUTHENTICATE transaction
  • gsmGetProviderList() stability during GPRS has been increased
  • Enhanced support for the Siemens MC39i GSM module

Bug fixes:

  • Cases of duplicated SMS messages reported on units using the Siemens MC39i GSM module
  • SMS received to reset the unit during an active GPRS session was not always correctly deleted from SIM card
  • sockConnection() returned "localPort" / "remotePort" with LO/HI byte in incorrect positions
  • gpsDistanceX() fixed for positions close to 0 deg. Longitude/Latitude
  • gsmHangup() did not work in all cases, where the line was not yet established
  • Problem in large VPL programs with strings exceeding offsets > 64 KB
  • boardTemperature() internal update frequency set to 1 Hz to support new LM75 sensor
  • Incorrectly values returned from boardTemperature() during heavy RS485 communication
  • logSeek() with a very large offset could reset the unit due to watchdog timeout
  • + other smaller bug-fixes

Please download this release from www.logicio.com

RTCU MX2 Professional Firmware V1.02 released

This release of the firmware for the RTCU MX2 Professional adds a number of new important features and fixes bugs which have been encountered in the past releases.


  • Completely new implementation of the SD-CARD FAT file-system.
    Much faster and considerable more failsafe.
    Now includes support for FAT32 (no support for long file-names)
    Major API enhancements which are not 100% backward compatible. Please see the RTCU IDE on-line help for more information
  • Support for redirecting Debug messages / GPRS console messages to SD-CARD files. Configuration is done from the new RTCU IDE X32 configuration dialog (see the RTCU IDE section)
  • Full pmSetSpeed() support (2/6/12/24/48 Mhz execution speed)
    Lower clock-speed allows considerable power-saving
  • pmDeepSleep() and DeepSleep() now fully supported
  • Power management compliant support added to GSM, UART, CAN and Voice support. Includes informative return codes and execution speed step-up when required. Please see the RTCU IDE on-line help for detailed information
  • canOpen() extended to include "monitor mode" for passive listen-mode

Bug fixes:

  • RTS/CTS handshake had wrong polarity
  • pmWaitEvent for digital input #4 did not work
  • pmWaitEvent. RisingEdge / FallingEdge polarity was reversed
  • canWrite did not correctly return a fail for non-delivered messages
  • + other smaller bug-fixes

Pending features:

  • pmWaitEvent() with GSM support

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

RTCU Communication Deployment Package 6.00

The RTCU Communication Deployment Package forms the basis for all communication with the RTCU Units using Cable, CSD (data call) or GPRS.
The functionality included in the package is extremely comprehensive and well tested as this package is actually used in all Logic IO products, including the RTCU IDE and RTCUProg programs.

Available for download is the latest "RTCU Communication Deployment Package" version 6.00 with the following enhancements:

  • Full X32-Generation support (RTCU MX2 Professional)
  • rmonGetGPRSSetting now fixed to work in all cases.
  • Enhanced documentation.
  • Includes full source code for the latest RTCUProg utility

Please download it from www.logicio.com

New RMA Procedures

For customers sending repairs directly to us we have now released our new web based RMA system. The goal is to make the repair process more efficient and faster by the use of a web-based form where all relevant information can be submitted to us as easy as possible.

At the same time we are simplifying the repair options, and are now for example offering a fixed price for repairs outside warranty.

Please visit out Support/RMA page for additional information

User License Agreement and Limited Warranty

As of today we have released a new revision of the User License Agreement and Limited Warranty Document.
The only change is the extension of the standard Warranty period from 12 Months to 18 Months, except for Wear-parts where the period is still 12 Months.

Please read the new User License Agreement and Limited Warranty here

IP-address change on RTCU.DK

Recently we have moved our website to an external hosting company and therefore RTCU.DK will now resolve to a new IP-address.
Our test GPRS Gateway Professional has not been moved and are still operational from our own location and therefore on the "old" IP-address.
GW.RTCU.DK has been created to resolve to the IP-address of our test GPRS Gateway.

For RTCU inits configured to connect to the GPRS Gateway on RTCU.DK, should be changed to connect to GW.RTCU.DK

...under development

Logic IO are always busy working on new enhancements and products.
Currently we are working on the following:

  • RTCU MX2 Accessories: Bluetooth, Camera and WiFi

  • Mobile Printer to supplement the Mobile Data Terminal

  • RTCU Gateway Professional enhancements such as compression/encryption

  • more...

Suggestions, comments and ideas to new features/products are always welcomed..

For further questions or enquiries:

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