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December 19, 2006

Dear RTCU User,

Another year has passed with exciting new products and releases from us here at Logic IO. This year we made the most important release in a long time: the RTCU MX2 Professional.
The RTCU MX2 Professional marks the start of a new generation of RTCU Products - the X32 Generation.
The RTCU MX2 Professional is the first member of the next generation RTCU products based on a high-performance 32-bit ARM processor architecture, with many advanced and unique features.

On the footstep to the next year we are today announcing major news such as the RTCU MX2i Professional using a high performance 16 channel GPS receiver, a new version of the RTCU IDE and updates to a number software packages to support the RTCU MX2i Professional.

Read more about these news and much more below...


The Logic IO Team wish You all
A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

See you to another exciting year in 2007

Please note:
Logic IO are closed from December 23 until January 1 (both days included)

 RTCU MX2i Professional


The MX2 Professional has only been on the market for a short time, and already now we are announcing a small, but important, "upgrade" to this popular product.
The MX2i Professional is now available with the following enhancements:

  • Utilizes an uBlox 16-channel high performance GPS receiver with very fast start-up times!
  • Option for High Sensitivity receiver with indoor tracking capability
  • Hardware support for GPS antenna open and shortcut detection
  • Support for XF8 memory expansion
  • Reset switch has been moved to the front for easy access
  • Buzzer frequency can be controlled from the VPL application
  • Mechanical enhanced with "improved appearance"

The RTCU MX2i Professional is available now and fully supersedes the RTCU MX2 Professional - A better product at the same price!

Please download now datasheets and technical manual on www.logicio.com

RTCU MX2 Professional Firmware V1.03 released

This release of the firmware for the RTCU MX2/MX2i Professional adds a number of new important features and fixes bugs which have been encountered in the past releases.


  • serFrameReceiver with framing enabled and overrun will now move extra byte into new frame
  • Double RAM for VPL application. 128 KB (not yet supported from RTCU IDE)
  • New function added: mdtContrast(). Controls contrast of the Mobile Data Terminal

Bug fixes:

  • Additional 1 byte sent in a VSMS package over GPRS
  • Recovery mode did not start the GSM module
  • serFrameReceiver with SOF disabled, EOF enabled and input stream larger than buffer size could write past VPL buffer
  • Transfer of application immediately when unit connects to IDE could result in fault with illegal op-code
  • Faster and more consistent connection times to GPRS
  • pmWaitEvent() fixed to work in all cases with vibration enabled
  • Date and linsec in gpsFix not set in all cases on the MX2i using the uBlox GPS
  • + other smaller bug-fixes

Pending features:

  • pmWaitEvent() with GSM support

Firmware V1.03 is required when using the new RTCU MX2i Professional - lower firmware revisions will not work correctly.

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

GPRS Gateway Professional V1.13

GPRS Gateway Professional V1.13 has been released with the following enhancements:

  • Control panel expanded to include user-friendly configuration, instead of editing the configuration file
  • Control panel now includes full status information on the gateway service
  • Client list in Monitor tool is expanded to include information whether a given node has enabled compression and/or encryption
  • + smaller number of enhancements

Please download it from www.logicio.com

RTCU IDE V4.72 released

RTCU IDE version 4.71 has been released with the following enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  • System information printout now includes Application name and Version, when present
  • mdtContrast added to wizard and online help
  • Enhanced on-line help, especially regarding Powermanagement and CAN
  • + smaller number of enhancements

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Simulator did not include caller-ID in SMS/PDU messages
  • X32 Configuration menu did not always show up
  • serFrameReceiver could loose 1 byte if SOF disabled, EOF enabled and VPL buffer was filled
  • + smaller number of bug-fixes

Please download it from www.logicio.com

Package Upgrade for X32 Support.

The packages below have been updated to fully support the X32-Generation (MX2 Professional) and in some cases smaller improvements have been included:

  • GPRS Deployment Package V1.15
    The recommended starting point when developing GPRS applications using our GPRS Gateway technology. Includes the VSMS library for easy communication from any application. Full Source code.
  • Tracking Demo V2.00
    Simple package demonstrating basic tracking capabilities using the GPRS Gateway to send data to a Windows application.
    Full source code included
  • Advanced Tracking Demo V1.03
    Advanced tracking demo. Contains a close to realistic tracking application. With full source code.
  • RTCU MICRO program 2006-12
    The RTCU MICRO application is the standard application in our MICRO products and includes features for remote monitoring and control including GPS and temperature.
    Full source code included
  • MICRO Configuration Tool V2.34
    Windows Configuration Tool for the RTCU MICRO program.
    Alternative to sending configuration messages to the application

All packages are available as free downloads from www.logicio.com

RMA Procedures

For customers sending repairs directly to us we have earlier released our new web based RMA system. The goal is to make the repair process more efficient and faster by the use of a web-based form where all relevant information can be submitted to us as easy as possible.

At the same time we are simplifying the repair options, and are now for example offering a fixed price for repairs outside warranty.

Please visit our Support/RMA page for additional information

...under development

Logic IO are always busy working on new enhancements and products.
Currently we are working on the following:

  • RTCU MX2 Accessories: Bluetooth and Camera module

  • Compression / Encryption support for the RTCU MX2i Professional

  • Mobile Printer to supplement the Mobile Data Terminal

  • more...

Suggestions, comments and ideas to new features/products are always welcomed..

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