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March 11, 2009

RTCU IDE V5.00 launched!

Just a few days after the official release of the new and advanced RTCU DX4 Pro, we are today proud to announce the launch of the exciting RTCU IDE V5.00.

With this release of the RTCU IDE, the great potentials of all the powerful features offered by the RTCU DX4 Pro can now be fully unleashed. Offering features such as the MODBUS based I/O Extension capability will for sure open up for a huge range of new applications and market possibilities.

List of features and enhancements:

  •  Full support for the new RTCU DX4 Pro, including revised on-line help.
  •  I/O Extension support allowing easy use of MODBUS based I/O modules.
  •  Transparent I/O completely integrated into the project.
  •  Easy to use set-up wizard for MODBUS I/O modules delivered by Logic IO.
  •  Unit I/O Monitor support for I/O Extension.
  •  Full simulator support for the I/O Extension capability.
  •  Simulator support for the RTCU DX4 graphical display, including status panel.
  •  Simulator support for the keyboard on the DX4 Pro. 
  •  Simulator bug fixed, when trying to connect to gateway with dotted IP-address.
  •  Simulator bug for gpsPosition() returning incorrect information fixed.
  •  + other smaller enhancements / bug-fixes.

The I/O Extension and DX4 Pro support are completely integrated into this release, so the actual user experience is "system deep" and is therefore not really justified by the relatively short list of new features above. There is only one real suggestion: Try it!

Please download the new RTCU IDE V5.00 from www.logicio.com

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