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June 1, 2009

Dear RTCU User,

We are extremely proud to announce full integration with Garmin Navigation devices supporting advanced fleet management, messaging and navigation applications.

The Garmin Fleet Management / Navigation support will enable fleet tracking, messaging, dispatch and navigation directly on Garmin’s portable navigation devices. Fleet dispatchers can send multiple destinations and other instructions directly to their drivers. With a tap on the screen, drivers can access detailed turn-by-turn, text-to-speech, voice prompted directions to their destinations. Automatic estimated time of arrival (ETA) can be sent back to the fleet dispatcher for timely information and reduced operating costs.

Supporting the Garmin Fleet Management / Navigation Interface is an exciting addition to the advanced features on the MX2i Series allowing implementation of a broad range of new applications, where a connected navigation solution is essential.

The practical spin-offs of this exciting announcement is a new firmware release for the MX2i Series, and a new RTCU IDE with full support for the new Fleet Management / Navigation Features!

Additionally we are also releasing updated firmware for the DX4 Pro, a new version of the RTCUProg and a new version of the RTCU Communication Support Package.

Please read all the details below...

Best regards,

The Logic IO Team

Logic IO will be closed for summer vacation from:
July 11 until July 26 (both days included).

During this period we are not able to ship Products and Support will be limited,
and only available through e-mail.


Garmin Fleet Management / Navigation Interface

The Garmin Fleet Management / Navigation API supports implementation of advanced fleet management applications integrating Navigation, Two-way messaging, Driver identification and Job dispatch capabilities. The Job dispatch functionality includes advanced features such as support for routes with multiple stops, route optimization and periodic Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) notifications.

The functionality available in the Garmin Fleet Management / Navigation Interface is comprehensive and has actually added as much as 50 pages to the RTCU IDE on-line help manual!

The illustration below shows the system architecture with the various components constituting a complete Fleet Management Solution:

The MX2i Pro/Pro+ can be connected to certain navigation devices from Garmin allowing the development of highly advanced Fleet Management, Messaging and Navigation applications.
The Garmin Navigation devices currently supported includes:

  • Garmin Nüvi 600 Series
  • Garmin Nüvi 700 Series
  • Garmin Nüvi 7x5 Series
  • Garmin Nüvi 800 Series
  • Garmin Nüvi 5000 Series

To connect the RTCU MX2i Pro/Pro+ to the Garmin Navigation device a special interface cable is required. It is also possible to connect the Garmin device to the RTCU IDE Simulator allowing development of complete Fleet Management applications within the RTCU IDE environment.

Logic IO is offering interface cables as well as Garmin Navigation devices constituting a complete solution. Currently we are offering the Garmin Nüvi 760 (Europe) and a complete MX2i FMI Starter kit with everything to get started on the development of applications.
Please see here for additional information and ordering codes.

For detailed information about the Garmin Fleet Management / Navigation API please consult the RTCU IDE (V5.10 or later) on-line help or manual.

RTCU MX2 Series / DX4 Pro Firmware V1.40

The major news in this firmware release is full support for the Garmin Navigation / Fleet Management API supporting development of advanced Fleet Management Applications.


  •  Comprehensive support for the Garmin Navigation API (MX2i only) 
  •  CAN API addition with support for "one shot filtering":
     canFilterCreateOnce(), canFilterStatus() and canFlush().  

Bug Fixes:

  •  gsmHangup() did not work correctly on unanswered voice calls.
  •  boardWatchdog() could in rare cases reset the unit after return from pmWaitEvent.
  •  Access problems to SD-CARD after return from pmWaitEvent.
  •  pmWaitEvent waiting for CAN event could in rare cases reset the unit.
  •  RACP2 command  'read by tag' did not work correctly.
  •   + other minor Bug Fixes.

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com


The major news in this RTCU IDE release is full support for the Garmin Navigation / Fleet Management API supporting development of advanced Fleet Management Applications.

General Enhancements:

  •  Support for the new Garmin Navigation / Fleet Management API.
  •  New X32 Project setting expands available program size with approx. 30%.
     Available program data-space at the same time doubles!
  •  Navigation API example project included in the on-line help and in the example folder.
  •  Supported MODBUS modules in set-up dialog revised and updated.
  •  VPL/INC files in a project are now automatically sorted alphabetically.
  •  New functions added to on-line help and simulator:
     ioEnableDevice(), canFlush(), canFilterCreateOnce() and canFilterStatus().
  •  All example projects are now by standard compiled with the EIS32 flag set.

Simulator enhancements:

  •  Support for the Navigation API, allowing rapid development of Navigation applications.
  •  Support for: ioEnableDevice(), canFlush(), canFilterCreateOnce() and canFilterStatus().

Bugs which have been fixed in this release:

  •  Special characters in VAR_INPUT / VAR_OUTPUT could corrupt Project file.
  •  Parser error when VAR_OUTPUT variable declared as Pointer.
  •  Transfer of empty Project to unit failed with strange error message.
  •  Start/stop of the simulator did not flush the CAN receive buffer.
  •  Socket functions not working in Simulator unless the Gateway was enabled.

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

RTCUProg V6.20

Stand-alone tool for transferring projects/applications and firmware to all RTCU units.
Support for encrypted programs for programming of the RTCU MICRO units.
Connection to an unit can be done via cable, CSD (Data call) or through the GPRS Gateway.

Version 6.20 includes support for the new DX4 Series and now uses the latest RTCU Communication Support Package (RCSP) V1.15 (see below).

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

RTCU Communication Support Package V1.15

Complete Communication Support Package (RTCU CSP) for communication with RTCU units using cable, modem (CSD) or the GPRS Gateway.

The package includes full support for background update of application / firmware over cable, CSD (Data call) or GPRS (FOTA). During the upgrade the application in the unit continues to run. Interrupted upgrade attempts can be resumed at the point of interruption.

There is full Multi-session support allowing connection with multiple RTCU units simultaneous via a combination of Cable, CSD (data call) or GPRS Gateway. This effectively means, that for example on one session an upgrade over GPRS of an unit can occur, and at the same time on another session the datalogger can be retrieved over a CSD connection.

Full support for Encrypted communication (with user defined key) and compression using the GPRS Gateway Professional.

The functionality included in the package is extremely comprehensive and well tested as this package is actually used in all Logic IO products including the RTCU IDE and RTCUProg programs.

The package includes a small sample program and the source code for the complete RTCUProg programming tool version 6.20 (see also above).
Sample programs is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ 2005.

Package includes a DLL library and very comprehensive documentation, that can also be read here.

V1.15 includes support for the RTCU DX4 Pro and fixes a few minor issues.

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

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