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March 29, 2010

Dear RTCU User,

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."
-  Proverb from Guinea

This proverb sure has some value here in Denmark with a tough winter spanning more than 90 days of continuous sub-zero temperatures and permanent snow cluttering the streets and pavements. Even for Denmark this is quite unusual and in the midst of this, we sure had to be reminded a few times, that global warming is for real!
Finally it seems, that the winter is gone and spring is gaining momentum and with the clock now tuned to daylight saving time, we are finally looking forward to seize the daylight.

Spring also brings the first 2010 Logic IO Newsletter with a quite long and impressive list of new product releases. The MX2i Series is enriched with a new entry-level member called the MX2i basic, and the MX2i pro+ is improved with the introduction of the so called SuperGPS, offering unprecedented GPS performance in tough environments such as deep urban or even indoor use!

Also being introduced is the RTCU MX2-SOM - a complete System-On-Module with the core taken from the popular and powerful RTCU MX2i pro product. The MX2 SOM module can be designed into a customer application in the cases, where a standard product is not suitable.

The RTCU DX4 eco has been improved with the inclusion of battery back-up as a standard feature.

Finally, there is a preview of the coming RTCU AX9 Series, positioned as the successor to the popular RTCU A5i/A9i products.

There is much more inside - including new software releases.
Please continue reading all the exciting news below..

** Easter Vacation **

Logic IO will be closed from April 1, 2010 until April 5, 2010 (both days included).

RTCU MX2i basic

The RTCU MX2i basic is an entry level low-cost device with many advanced features, as expected from a member of the powerful and versatile MX2i family. The MX2i basic is a perfect match for basic applications not requiring all the features found in the full powered MX2i pro or the MX2i eco+.

Compared to the MX2i eco+ the RTCU MX2i basic has a reduced feature set with less I/O's, a lower capacity battery and no 1-Wire support. Finally the RTCU MX2i basic does not support the X32 enhanced memory for extremely huge programs.

The RTCU MX2i basic feature-list includes:

  •  Up to 10 times faster execution than previous generation RTCU products
  •  100% software compatible with all current and past RTCU units!
  •  Internal 512 KB Flash-Drive with full FAT support
  •  2 digital inputs, digital high-side solid state outputs and 1 analog inputs 
  •  1 RS232 serial port.
  •  Dual Band GSM support (900/1800 Mhz) 
  •  GPRS Class 10 with full GPRS Gateway Professional support
  •  Supports GSM features such as SMS/PDU/CSD/GPRS.
  •  Full support for sending e-mails with attachment (SMTP)
  •  High-performance low-power 50-channels GPS-receiver
  •  On-board Li-Ion battery (700 mAh)
  •  Vibration sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  •  Temperature sensor  
  •  Advanced power-management with power-down and wait-for-event modes
     Wake-up on: Digital input, Vibration, Timeout, GSM-, or RS232-activity
  •  Sleek design with black end-caps!
  •  Optional Mounting Bracket Kit for easy "screw-on" installations 
  •  Alternative front end-cap with hidden SIM card reader.
  •  E1/e1 automotive approvals.

The new RTCU MX2i basic is available in April 2010!
Please consult the MX2i basic Datasheet and Technical Reference Manual here.

RTCU MX2i pro+ with SuperGPS

The new version of the high-end RTCU MX2i pro+ now offers a world-leading, extremely high sensitivity SuperGPS 66-channels GPS receiver with unseen performance, allowing precise positioning in the most difficult environments such as deep urban or even indoor-tracking!!
With SuperGPS the RTCU MX2i pro can be used in applications and environments, which have until now been impossible or have required expensive antenna installations.

The RTCU MX2i pro+ has the following enhancements compared to the RTCU MX2i pro:

  •  Ultra high-sensitivity low-power 66-channels SuperGPS receiver.
  •  Additionally 8 MByte of persistent memory for data-intensive applications

The new RTCU MX2i pro+ will be available May 2010.
Please consult the MX2i pro+ Datasheet and Technical Reference Manual here.

RTCU AX9 Series

The RTCU AX9 series is the successor to the current RTCU A5i and RTCU A9i product line and hosts a long range of new advanced features expected from a true member of the X32 family!

The RTCU AX9 series will be available in two versions named RTCU AX9 eco and RTCU AX9 pro, differentiated in terms of features and functionality. Current users of the RTCU A5i/A9i can choose the specific RTCU AX9 product variant depending on the exact requirement of the application. Full backwards compatibility has been ensured, so that applications already developed for the RTCU A9i can be binarily executed without need for recompilation. RTCU A5i based applications will require a simple re-compilation with no source code changes. The software compatibility in combination with the fact, that the RTCU AX9 series hardware-wise is a full superset of the RTCU A5i/A9i makes the upgrade and transition to the new RTCU AX9 series a true pleasure and a safe journey!

The improvements on the RTCU AX9 series compared to the RTCU A5i/A9i:

  • X32 improvements such as:
    Huge memory for code/data and up to 10 times faster execution

  • Advanced X32-based power-management for prolonged operation in low-power modes

  • Quad-band GSM with support for M2M chip

  • Voice, GPRS and CSD handled simultaneously by an enhanced GSM host implementation

  • Standard internal GSM antenna with optional external antenna

  • Medium range ISM RF Transceiver (868 Mhz or 915 Mhz) with internal antenna

  • Wide AC/DC power range from 85..265 VAC / 8..36 VDC

  • Dedicated high-speed USB programming port

  • Two RS232 Serial ports

  • One standard dedicated RS485 port (optional RS485 for a total of two)

  • Expandable I/O with full MODBUS support

  • Micro SD-CARD reader with FAT32 file-system

  • Internal flashdrive with FAT32 file-system

  • Optional expanded flash memory (XF8) (future option)

  • Additional 1 digital input, for a total of 4 relay outputs and 5 digital inputs

  • The 4 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs. Can operate as 0..10V or 0..20 mA

  • Rechargeable battery back-up as a standard feature (low/high capacity available)

  • Internal expansion slot for future modules: Bluetooth, Zigbee, Ethernet/WiFi, Tetra, etc.

  • External accessories: Bluetooth, Ethernet/WiFi, Camera, Data terminal & Modbus modules

  • Mechanical improvements includes more space for wiring and additional PG cable entries

For a summary please read the RTCU AX9 Series Production Information Bulletin (PIB) here
The RTCU AX9 pro is expected to be available by June 2010.


The RTCU MX2 SOM (System On Module) with the core taken from the popular and powerful RTCU MX2i pro product. The MX2 SOM module can be designed into a customer application in the cases, where a standard product is not suitable. All signals are available on the SOM module for easy integration, and a powerful development board is offered for rapid development and integration.

The RTCU MX2 SOM is designed to be embedded in customers own electronic design, and is therefore a completely new approach to the use of the RTCU concept.

The MX2i SOM module will be available shortly, and a development kit will be offered.
Additional information available on request.

Please also read the preliminary datasheet for additional information.

RTCU DX4 eco
...now with battery pack!

The RTCU DX4 eco has been improved to include a 700 mAh battery-pack factory installed and ready to use.
With this improvement and the fact that the price for the RTCU DX4 eco remains the same will with no doubt increase the popularity of this exciting product.

The impressive RTCU DX4 eco feature-list now includes:

  •  Based on the well proven X32-architecture
  •  Huge memory capacity with X32 Enhanced Memory support
  •  100% software compatible with all current and past RTCU units!
  •  Quad Band GSM Engine for world-wide operation. External SMA connector.
  •  Prepared for deployment of Gemalto embedded M2M SIM chip.
  •  Supports GSM features such as SMS/PDU/CSD/GPRS.
  •  Full support for sending e-mails with attachment (SMTP)
  •  GPRS Class 10 with full GPRS Gateway Professional and VSMS support.
  •  Internal 512 KB Flash-Drive with full FAT32 support.
  •  1-Wire bus for connecting devices such as ID-Button reader
     and Temperature sensor
  •  Programming port.
  •  One dedicated RS485 for I/O extension or general purpose use.
  •  Optional RS485 support (shared with programming port).
  •  Full MODBUS SLAVE support for SCADA integration or I/O slave module.
  •  Full MODBUS MASTER support for easy I/O extension capability.
  •  Transparent I/O extension using I/O Manager integrated into the RTCU IDE.
      Remote I/O appears the same way as on-board I/O!
  •  On board 8 Digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs.
  •  Up to four IEC62053-31 Class B (S0) compliant digital inputs.
  •  Analog inputs supports 0..10V and 0..20 mA.
  •  Two-part pluggable connectors for fast installation and maintenance.  
  •  On-board temperature sensor.
  •  On-board battery charger with battery pack (700 mAh). New!
  •  Advanced power-management with power-down and wait-for-event modes
     Wake-up on: Digital input, Timeout, GSM-, CAN-, RS485- or RS232-activity
  •  Encapsulated in a M36 DIN-rail enclosure. 
  •  Fully supported by the powerful RTCU IDE development environment.
  •  CE approval according to EU EMC Directive 2004/108/EU.

The improved RTCU DX4 eco is available NOW!

New Garmin Products

Garmin Nüvi 465TF

The Garmin Nüvi 465TF is a new professional product suitable for trucks and other vehicles with special requirements. With detailed maps providing turn-by-turn directions that call out streets by name, the Nüvi 465TF provides specialised routing to support truck-related restrictions (customizable by height, weight, length, width and hazardous materials). Simply enter dimensions and load restrictions and Nüvi 465TF guides you according to your requirements. You can even enter multiple-point routing so that you can take a more efficient route between multiple stops along your trip. Fully supports the Fleet Management / Navigation Interface offered on the MX2i pro/pro+ products.

Revised RTCU MX2i pro FMI Starterkit

The RTCU MX2i pro FMI Starter kit includes everything listed in the RTCU MX2i pro GOLD starter kit, but additionally includes:

  •  Garmin Nüvi 765 (Europe) Navigation device (new)
  •  Interface cable for connecting the RTCU MX2i Pro
     with the Garmin device
  •  Interface cable for connecting the Garmin device to the PC (Simulator)

Please see more about the Garmin Fleet Management / Navigation interface here.

This complete package includes everything to start-up the development of advanced Fleet Management, Messaging and Navigation applications!


Updated MODBUS documentation

The technical manuals of all MODBUS I/O extension modules have been improved and a lot of new information and corrections were made. We hope with these improvements that the use and installation of the modules will be easier.

Please download  here.


Other new products

Two new antennas have been added to our product line:

  • Low-cost angled GSM dualband "whip" antenna
  • Dual-band window antenna with 3 meter cable




Also available is the PanaVise mounting bracket for the MDT-200 Mobile Data Terminal.

The PanaVise 727-06 slimline mounting bracket for the MDT-200 Mobile Data Terminal is a heavy duty alternative to the standard windscreen suction mount, supplied as standard with the product.
The PanaVise 727-06 is made of aluminium, zinc and steel and the overall mounting height (including shaft) is 152.4 mm (6 inch). Flexible movement with 210° Tilt, 360° Turn & 360° Rotation at both ends.

Please visit www.logicio.com for more datasheets and ordering codes for the above products.

Obsolete products

With all the new products coming, there are also a few, which are no longer available:

  • RTCU M11i
    The RTCU M11Gi as a direct plug-in replacement is still available.
  • RTCU MX2i eco
    The MX2i basic is now available as a better option.
  • RTCU D4
    The powerful RTCU DX4 Series has now completely taken over.

As it can be seen above, we have insured, that there is an alternative available in almost all cases possible.

New software releases!

In the last few months the following smaller releases were made:

  • RTCU UDS V2.16
    Includes support for X32 compiled projects. More information here.
  • RTCU MX2i Series Firmware V2.01
    Fixes a few bugs related to I/O Extension use. More information here.
  • RTCU M11i / A9i Series Firmware V4.94
    Eliminates rare cases of "GPRS Recovery boot #2". More information here.

Finally the
Visual Basic 2005 (.NET) Wrapper for VSMSGW V1.00 has been released:

This package demonstrates how the VSMSGW.DLL library, as included in the GPRS Gateway Deployment Package, can easily be called from Visual Basic 2005 (VB.NET).
Includes a small Visual Basic project that demonstrates how to send/receive VSMS messages using the demonstrated technique.

Please download from www.logicio.com

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