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May 22, 2011

Dear RTCU User,

This newsletter announces firmware release V2.40 for the entire X32 product line:

  • RTCU MX2i series
  • RTCU CX1 pro/pro-c
  • RTCU AX9 series
  • RTCU DX4 series

A few weeks ago RTCU IDE 5.90 was released introducing new functionality supported by this new firmware release. This release is also the first official firmware for the new RTCU CX1 pro/pro-c products.

Best regards,

The Logic IO Team

X32 Firmware V2.40

This release for the entire X32 series contains an important list of improvements.
It is also the first official release for the new RTCU CX1 pro/pro-c product.

The full list of news:


  •  Full support for the new RTCU CX1 pro/pro-c product.
  •  Support for general  'Ignition' input automatically mapping to a unit specific input.
    Ignition will map to input 5 or input 1 depending on the specific unit.
  •  Improved thermal management in the battery charger implementation.
  •  GPRS throughput improved with up to 200% on the AX9/CX1 series.
  •  Faster GSM network recovery on AX9/CX1 series products.
  •  Optional Garmin Fleet Management support on the AX9 pro.
  •  Improved MODBUS performance and stability in busy networks.
  •  calcPower() - Scaled integer exponential function.
  •  + other minor enhancements.

 Bug Fixes:

  •  AX9 series: S0 interface does not close correctly when using pmWaitEvent. 
  •  + other minor bug fixes.

Most of the above features also require the installation of the new RTCU IDE 5.90.

Please download from www.logicio.com

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