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August 24, 2011

Dear RTCU User,

Welcome to this latest edition of the Logic IO Newsletter!

In this newsletter we have a quite long list of news - including the new cost effective RTCU CX1 flex product offering an unprecedented concept in terms of power and flexibility. The RTCU CX1 flex comes with powerful standard functionality and with three hardware options available that can - at any time - be applied to the product.

The RTCU CX1 flex is member of the RTCU CX1 series which also includes the RTCU CX1 pro and the RTCU CX1 pro-c. All members of the CX1 series are compact, waterproof and ruggedized telematic platforms that are of course 100% software compatible with all existing RTCU products, such as the RTCU MX2i series.

The RTCU MX2i eco+ is now also improved with SuperGPS as a standard feature, which leaves only the RTCU MX2i basic without this powerful feature.

On the software side we have exciting news, including: X32 firmware V2.50,
and the RTCU Gateway Professional V1.26.

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The Logic IO Team

RTCU CX1 flex

The RTCU CX1 flex is a compact and ruggedized telematic tracking and control platform based on the powerful X32-architecture.
The RTCU CX1 flex offers a unique and outstanding approach allowing seamless upgrade with new hardware options – even after the product has been installed in the field!
With a fully upgraded RTCU CX1 flex the functionality is approaching that of RTCU CX1 pro – merely lacking the RF transceiver and SD-CARD reader!
The RTCU CX1 flex is a low-cost product based on the RTCU CX1 pro/pro-c with a unique approach to the market. The standard hardware features of the RTCU CX1 flex are very powerful, but various hardware options can be specified when ordering or later deployed after unit installation. Options are easily activated using a short option key or barcode.
The following options are available:
  •  I/O option:  Full I/O with 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 1 analog input.
  •  RS232/FMI option: RS232 and full Garmin FMI support.
  •  Performance option: Very fast execution (48 Mhz) and X32 Enhanced Memory.

Options can be applied remotely to a unit already installed and in use by the customer.

The RTCU CX1 flex is housed in a highly ruggedized IP66 waterproof encapsulation, which allows a new spectrum of applications to be realized.

The RTCU CX1 flex feature list includes:

  •  100% software compatible with all current and past RTCU units!

  •  Huge memory capacity with optional X32 Enhanced Memory support

  •  Fast execution (24 Mhz) with optional very fast execution (48 Mhz).

  •  High performance 16g 3-axis accelerometer / movement sensor.

  •  Internal 512 KB Flash-drive with full FAT support.

  •  Standard 1 Digital input, optional a total of
     2 Digital inputs, 2 Digital high-side solid state outputs and 1 analog inputs.

  •  Dedicated high-speed USB programming port.

  •  Optional standard RS232 port.

  •  Quad Band GSM support (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz)

  •  GPRS Class 10 with full RTCU Gateway Professional support

  •  Supports GSM features such as SMS/PDU/CSD/GPRS.

  •  Full support for FTP and SMTP (email with attachment).

  •  Ultra high-sensitivity low-power 66-channels SuperGPS receiver.

  •  On-board Li-Ion battery (800 mAh)

  •  Temperature sensor

  •  Advanced power-management with power-down and wait-for-event modes
     Wake-up on: Digital input, Movement, Timeout, GSM or RS232-activity. 

  •  Optional supports the Garmin Fleet Management / Navigation Interface
     and the Mobile Data Terminal.

  •  Pre-mounted with 50 cm interface cable with all signals easily available.

  •  Pre-mounted with a standard small 'thumb' sized GSM antenna and a very
     compact magnet GPS antenna with 1.5 meter cable.

  •  Compact ruggedized plastic encapsulation with mounting flange.

  •  E1 automotive approvals.

...many other advanced features.

Please read the RTCU CX1 flex Datasheet and the Technical Manual for more information.

Barcode reader for CX1 flex option activation

To make the activation of the RTCU CX1 flex options as easy as possible we are offering a barcode reader that can be used for scanning the option key barcode for immediate activation.

Additionally the barcode reader can be used equally well for scanning the serial-number label present on all RTCU units.
Connects to a standard USB port and emulates a standard keyboard interface.

RTCU MX2i eco+ with SuperGPS

The new version of the RTCU MX2i eco+ now offers a world-leading, extremely high sensitivity SuperGPS 66-channels GPS receiver with unseen performance, allowing precise positioning in the most difficult environments such as deep urban or even indoor-tracking!!
With SuperGPS the RTCU MX2i eco+ can be used in applications and environments, which have until now been impossible or have required expensive antenna installations.

The new RTCU MX2i eco+ is available now at no additional cost!

New Garmin Fleet Management Interface cables

The Garmin interface cables has been revised and the variety of cables are now as follows:

RT-O-GARMIN-FMI40A   (CX1 series / AX9. Free traffic)
RT-O-GARMIN-FMI40B   (CX1 series / AX9. Premium traffic)
RT-O-GARMIN-FMI40AT  (MX2i series. TYCO6. Free traffic)
RT-O-GARMIN-FMI40AR  (MX2i series. RJ45. Free traffic)
RT-O-GARMIN-FMI40BT  (MX2i series. TYCO6. Premium traffic)
RT-O-GARMIN-FMI40BR  (MX2i series. RJ45. Premium traffic)

All interface cables now come with either free or premium traffic services and are available with connection for the MX2i series (TYCO / RJ45), CX1 series and for special applications also the RTCU AX9 pro.

 End of life for the RTCU M11Gi

The final member of the 1st generation of the RTCU products - the RTCU M11Gi is no longer officially offered for sale. After the launch of the RTCU CX1 series, and the already established RTCU MX2i series, there is plenty of better alternatives available. The continuity of the RTCU platform ensures that software written for the RTCU M11Gi can without program changes also work on the newer devices.

RTCU X32 series firmware V2.50

This release for the entire X32 series has several improvements - including support for the new RTCU CX1 flex product.

The full list of news:


  •  Support for the new RTCU CX1 flex product.
  •  Support for a TCP/IP socket connection over the Ethernet / Wi-Fi module.
  •  Advanced CAN bus filter and buffer functionality introduced.
  •  Improved implementation of the 3D accelerometer,
     when used as a standard vibration sensor.
  •   + other minor enhancements.

 Bug Fixes:

  •  MX2/DX4: SIM-card locked and powerfail indication could under special
     circumstances incorrectly change state.
  •  SMTP implementation did not always attach a text file correctly.
  •  boardGetProfileX() - Incorrect GPS type was returned.
  •  Suspending a CSD session could result in a corrupted RACP transaction.
  •  + other minor bug fixes.

Please download from www.logicio.com


This is an important release of the RTCU IDE supporting all the new features of the RTCU CX1 flex
The list of enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  •  Full support for the new RTCU CX1 flex - including option key support.
  •  System information now shows type of NVRAM (FRAM/VFRAM).
  •  System information adds a 'CX1 flex' tab showing currently enabled options.
  •  Improved icons for cable, modem and gateway connections.
  •  + other minor improvements.  

Simulator Enhancements:

  •  Full CAN simulator support, including new buffering and advanced filtering
     introduced in firmware V2.50.
  •  Ethernet / Wi-Fi socket support as introduced in firmware V2.50.
  •  + other minor enhancements.

Bugs which have been fixed in this release:

  •  I/O monitor did not always show the mapped inputs correctly.
  •  An Internal PC modem device was not always found.
  •  Long file names not readable when printing source code.
  •  Non-modified files were written back to file-system.
  •  Rare IDE crash when deleting an I/O extension net.
  •  + other minor bug-fixes.

Please download from www.logicio.com

RTCU Communication Support Package V1.38

This minor release of the RTCU Communication Support Package V1.38 includes the following enhancements:


  •  Full support for the RTCU CX1 series - including the new RTCU CX1 flex
  •  New rmonFlexOption() function to set options on the RTCU CX1 flex.
  •   + other minor enhancements.

The RTCU CSP V1.38 is used in the new RTCU IDE V5.92.

Please download from www.logicio.com

RTCU Gateway Professional V1.26

This release of the RTCU Gateway Professional V1.26 includes the following improvements:


  •  List of clients can now be sorted according to selected column.
  •  Number of licensed clients now shows in control panel.
  •   + other minor enhancements.

Bug fixes:

  •  Service could crash if multiple GET LOG LAST command over TELNET were issued.
  •  Using the command line options could violate access rights on Windows Vista/7.
  •  In rare cases using a dotted IP-address directly did not work.

Please download from www.logicio.com

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