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December 14, 2011

Dear RTCU User,

The year is drawing to a close and we want to thank you for your continued interest in our company and products. We send you our best wishes for the festive season.
Before you begin your well-deserved break, we have an update for you in this latest edition of the Logic IO Newsletter...

We have the pleasure to present a flexible and versatile 1-Wire cabling concept, that makes it easy and economical to design and implement a multi-device network. In the announced X32 Firmware V2.60 and RTCU IDE V5.94 there are quite many new features - including support for a versatile range of RF add-on modules.
A new and improved VGA Camera module is presented and once again there is an update on new Garmin devices and cables.
The RTCU Programming Tool V6.40 and the Upgrade & Deployment Server V2.30 have been released and now the RTCU CX1 flex is finally positioned as a worthy successor to the MX2i basic.

There is really no reason not to continue reading all the detailed news below...


Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!

** Vacation Notice **

Logic IO will be closed from December 23, 2011 until January 2, 2012 (both days included).
During this period support will be limited and only available through email.

Modular 1-Wire concept

The modular 1-Wire concept is offering high flexibility and customization for a wide range of applications utilizing multiple 1-Wire devices. The 1-Wire concept is based on building blocks such as combiners, splitters and unit interface cables connected together with standard and widely available RJ45 UTP cable technology.

Unit interface cables are available which connect the RTCU unit to a splitter or combiner, that again connects to branches with more splitters and combiners and at the end-points of this arbitrary topology various lengths of 1-Wire devices such temperature sensors or ID-button readers can be connected. As the backbone is based on standard RJ45 UTP cable technology expanding a network can easily be achieved.

Please see the datasheet and technical manual for the Modular 1-Wire concept.

The modular 1-Wire parts currently offered are:

Also see here for additional information.

RF add-on modules


Wireless connectivity is becoming a feature of choice for many applications, today. By using an off the-shelf embedded wireless module, the customer gets the benefit of using field proven RF hardware and protocol software to ensure the best performance possible. RF functionality of the RTCU units are designed to effortlessly interface with virtually any control, command, or monitoring applications for building automation systems, security systems, and industrial applications. The easy configurable network allows adapting to changing floor plans and requirements in a matter of minutes. New sensors and devices can be added to the network, as fast as they can be mounted.

The highly sophisticated RF protocol implemented offers bi-directional communication with increased operational reliability and improves the basis for an extensive range of devices. Additionally the bidirectional communication ensures, that the tasks are received and accomplished correctly.

In X32 firmware V2.60 there is support for a range of RF add-on modules in the four main categories:

Remote control keyfobs: With remote control keyfobs the user defined functionality on the RTCU unit can be controlled.

External relay modules: The relay modules provide relay outputs, which can be controlled remotely and are capable of switching external AC or DC powered loads.

AC switching modules: The modules can be plugged directly into a wall receptacle and are capable of switching devices.

Remote sensors: A variety of sensors can be connected to the RTCU unit remotely, which make them usable in wide variety of applications cost and time effectively.

Currently the RF add-on modules are supported by the RTCU CX1 pro, RTCU CX1 pro-c and the RTCU AX9 pro/pro-x.

For more information please see the datasheet and technical manual.

New VGA Camera module

The VGA Camera Module for the RTCU MX2i pro, RTCU DX4 pro and RTCU AX9 pro is extending the functionality of this powerful platform with the capability to take colour pictures in standard JPEG format. The pictures taken can be transmitted over GPRS to a server and/or saved to an SD-CARD file.
The Camera Module is supporting implementation of applications such as:

  •  Remote monitoring of equipment, devices,
     work areas and locations
  •  Vehicle, including driver/passenger monitoring.
  •  Security applications
  •  Any event-trigger applications
  •  Stealth security applications
  •  ....many other applications where "a picture is worth a thousand words"...

The VGA Camera module connects directly to the RTCU unit and requires no external power-supply. Delivered with 3 meter cable.
The VGA Camera module is easy-to-use through the dedicated functions in the RTCU IDE development software.

Note: This is an enhanced product based on the CAM-100. The quality, performance and lens have been improved. Software compatibility is maintained.

For more information please see the datasheet and technical manual.

New Garmin Fleet Management products

The following new Garmin Fleet Management products have been launched:

  • Garmin Dezl 560
    Powerful device with large screen and dedicated functionality for navigating trucks etc.

  • Garmin Nüvi 1450
    Cost effective device with large 5-inch screen.

The Garmin interface cables have once been revised, and the variety of cables are now as follows:

  RT-O-GARMIN-FMI15    (CX1 / AX9)
  RT-O-GARMIN-FMI45P   (CX1 / AX9. Premium traffic services)
   RT-O-GARMIN-FMI15T   (MX2i series. TYCO6)
   RT-O-GARMIN-FMI15R   (MX2i series. RJ45)
   RT-O-GARMIN-FMI45PT  (MX2i series. TYCO6. Premium traffic services)
   RT-O-GARMIN-FMI45PR  (MX2i series. RJ45. Premium traffic services)
  RT-O-GARMIN-FMIPC    (PC Interface Cable. Requires also RJ45 FMI cable)

All interface cables now come with either no-traffic or premium traffic services and are available with connection for the MX2i series (TYCO / RJ45), CX1 series and for special applications also the RTCU AX9 pro.

RTCU X32 series firmware V2.60

This release for the entire X32 series has several improvements - including a new advanced GPRS monitor functionality for pure FTP/SMTP/socket applications not utilizing the Gateway Professional.

The full list of news:


  •  Automatic GPRS monitor with recovery for applications not using the
     Gateway Professional.
  •  RF add-on modules support.
  •  Support for project name/version embedded in the VSX file.
  •  Considerable faster unit boot-up.
  •  Enhanced functionality for working with CAN FMS based systems.
  •  SIM ICCID can now be read out on newer MX2i / DX4 devices.
  •  New navFix function get the GPS information from a connected Garmin FMI device.
  •  gpsSetSpeedThreshold supports optimized tracking modes for:
     pedestrian, bike, vehicles.
  •  Improved performance and stability, when using the Ethernet interface.
  •   + other minor enhancements.

 Bug Fixes:

  •  Using TCP/IP sockets data received after remote socket closure was lost.
  •  smtpSend returned error, but message was still delivered to the mail-server.
  •  Unit may reset in rare cases, when closing serial port using RS485.
  •  Ethernet sockets could incorrectly include control data in the user data stream.
  •  navOpen returned incorrect return-value, when FMI not supported.
  •  Extremely rare cases of DNS enquiry failures, resulting in prolonged
     Gateway disconnection and potential reboots.
  •  + other minor bug fixes.

Most of the above features also require the installation of the new RTCU IDE 5.94.

Please download from www.logicio.com


This is an important release of the RTCU IDE supporting all the new features in the latest X32 firmware V2.60.

The list of enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  •  Support for project setting of name/version as used by the latest
     Upgrade & Deployment server.
  •  TCP/IP APN parameter set-up supports history function.
  •  System information dialog re-designed with several new functional tabs.
  •  On-line help expanded to include all the new functionality in X32 firmware V2.60.
  •  + other improvements.  

Simulator Enhancements:

  •  Support for embedded project name/version.
  •  Support for new CAN FMS functions.
  •  + other minor enhancements.

Bugs which have been fixed in this release:

  •  Job variable configuration using I/O extension did not work correctly.
  •  Closing the unit file dialog during operation gave error message.
  •  Simulator: TP / TON / TOF pulse length where to short.
  •  + other minor bug-fixes.

Please download from www.logicio.com

RTCU Programming Tool V6.40

The latest release of the RTCU Programming Tool V6.40 includes the following enhancements:


  •  Support for the new CX1 series including option key activation.
  •  Uses the latest RTCU CSP V1.40.
  •  + other minor enhancements.

Please download from www.logicio.com

RTCU Communication Support Package V1.40

This minor release of the RTCU Communication Support Package V1.40 includes the following enhancements:


  •  Enhanced performance when transferring firmware files.
  •  Package includes the new RTCUProg 6.40.
  •  Support for the coming RTCU SX1 series.
  •   + other minor enhancements.

The RTCU CSP V1.40 is used in the RTCU IDE V5.94.

Please download from www.logicio.com


RTCU Upgrade & Deployment Server V2.30

This release of the RTCU Upgrade & Deployment Server V2.30 introduces the following improvements:


  •  Support for the new CX1 series. 
  •  Support for using X32 VSX image project name/version
     instead of using manual settings.
  •  Intelligent bulk editing of unit profiles.
  •  New profile option to halt execution in unit.
  •  Sort feature in profile view.
  •  Unit information dialog now also shows model variant.
  •  Units in permanent 'Wait for reset' state are automatically refreshed
     to correct state.
  •   + other minor enhancements.


Please download from www.logicio.com

 RTCU CX1 flex takes over for the RTCU MX2i basic

The entry-level RTCU MX2i basic is no longer offered for sale after the launch of the new and powerful RTCU CX1 series. The current line of the RTCU MX2i series continues with full strength with the RTCU MX2i eco+, RTCU MX2i pro and RTCU MX2i pro+.

For information on the flexible and cost-effective RTCU CX1 flex see here.


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