Logic IO Newsletter
February 13, 2012

Dear RTCU User,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2012!

This is the first newsletter of 2012 and we already have some quite exciting news to present!
On the commercial side, we have managed for the fourth year to maintain the prestigious AAA (Triple-A) credit rating.
Only approximately 1% of all Danish companies are currently able to maintain the
AAA rating!

In this newsletter, we present the Navigation and Messaging Platform (NMP) based on the powerful Sygic navigation engine running under Windows CE. This platform is offering unseen performance, flexibility and openness for advanced fleet management applications. The best part is that it is fully backward compatible with the Garmin FMI and the Mobile Data Terminal API. Read more below...

In this newsletter, we also have the pleasure of presenting the following list of new software releases:

  • X32 firmware V2.62 with support for the Navigation and Messaging Platform
  • RTCU IDE 5.95
  • RTCU X32 Micro Application V3.20
  • Revised RTCU Communication Protocol Documentation Set

Please read much more below...


Navigation and Messaging Platform (NMP)


The Logic IO Navigation and Messaging Platform (NMP) is a powerful and extremely open platform for implementation of state-of the-art advanced fleet management applications integrating navigation, messaging, driver identification and job dispatch capabilities. The NMP platform works on almost any Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 based device and is based on the market leading Sygic navigation engine tightly integrated into the powerful RTCU concept.
The NMP is fully backward compatible with already developed Garmin FMI based applications and includes full Garmin FMI functionality. Likewise, the
full Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) API is fully supported opening up for a new level of customized user interaction.


The key features of the Navigation and Messaging Platform:

  • Based on Sygic navigation engine under Windows CE 6.0.
  • Versatile range of devices supported (large screens, rugged, etc).
  • Fully compatible with the Garmin FMI level 2 API.
  • Fully compatible with the Mobile Data Terminal API.
  • Single GPS source with data from the RTCU device.
  • Custom device logo and waypoints icons.
  • Customer language and unicode support.
  • Remote upgrade and configuration capabilities.
  • User written Windows CE applications can be deployed on the same device.
  • Open architecture allowing specialized functionality to be added.


The NMP is currently supported by the RTCU MX2i pro/pro+ product from firmware version 2.62 and later.

To connect the RTCU MX2i pro/pro+ device to the NMP device a special interface cable is required. It is also possible to connect the NMP device to the RTCU IDE Simulator allowing rapid development of complete fleet management and messaging applications within the RTCU IDE environment.

For detailed information about the NMP interface please consult the RTCU IDE
(V5.95 or later) on-line help or manual.

Please contact Logic IO for additional information and device availability.


X32 Firmware V2.62

This release for the entire X32 series has support for the NMP (Navigation and Messaging Platform), enhanced CAN bus functionality and other minor improvements.

The full list of news:


  •  Support for the Navigation and Messaging Platform (NMP).
  •  Advanced CAN filtering with low/high change-mask functionality.
  •  Number of CAN filters increased from 20 to 30.
  •  Faster stop of battery charger when using batChargerEnable(OFF).
  •   + other minor enhancements.

 Bug Fixes:

  •  Entering pmWaitEvent too fast on the DX4 pro could leave the display backlight on.
  •  SMTP implementation incompatible with some mail servers.
  •  + other minor bug fixes.

Upgrading to V2.62 is only recommended if any of the listed features are required.
Most of the above features also require the installation of the new RTCU IDE 5.95.


Please download from www.logicio.com


This release of the RTCU IDE supports all the new features in the latest X32 firmware V2.62 - including support for the Navigation and Messaging Platform (NMP).
The list of enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  •  Support for the new Navigation and Messaging Platform (NMP).
  •  On-line help expanded to include all the new functionality in X32 firmware V2.62.
  •  Warnings on available communciation ports during start-up can now be suppressed.
  •  + other improvements.  

Simulator Enhancements:

  •  Simulator support for the Navigation and Messaging Platform (NMP).
  •  Support for new advanced CAN change-mask filtering functions
  •  Support for the increase of CAN filters from 20 to 30.
  •  SMTP implementation incompatible with some mail servers.
  •  + other minor enhancements.

Bugs which have been fixed in this release:

  •  Job variable configuration using I/O extension did not always work correctly.
  •  Crash could occur during major changes in the projects I/O extension.
  •  System information showed incorrect information related to NVRAM and Extended flash.
  •  After setting the APN in the TCP/IP parameter setup, the field was sometimes cleared.
  •  + other minor bug-fixes.

Please download from www.logicio.com

RTCU X32 Micro Application V3.20

This minor release of the RTCU X32 Micro Application adds support for the GPRS monitoring functionality recently released in X32 firmware V2.60.
With this functionality, a reliable GPRS connection can be maintained without relying on the monitoring functionaly of the Gateway Professional.

Please download from www.logicio.com

RTCU Communication Protocol Documentation Set

This documentation set describes the protocols used for communicating with the RTCU unit using a serial line (cable or modem) or over a TCP/IP connection using the RTCU Gateway Professional.

This Documentation Set is composed of the following three documents:

  • RTCU Gateway Protocol (V2.13)
  • RTCU Serial Line Remote Access Protocol (V2.20)
  • RTCU RACP Transaction Specification (V1.18) Updated!

In this release the RTCU RACP Transaction Specification (V1.18) has been updated to include information on the SetOption transaction.

Please download from www.logicio.com


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