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April 9, 2012

Dear RTCU User,

Welcome to the latest Logic IO Newsletter introducing the new RTCU SX1 series!

In this Newsletter we are proud to present yet another member of the growing family of powerful X32 based RTCU products.

This time we are introducing the RTCU SX1 series with powerful new features which lift the power management to a new level with the introduction of a new deep hibernation mode coined zero-power mode.
Zero-power mode reduces the power consumption so dramatic, that it can be considered non-existing and combined with an unprecedented battery capacity the RTCU SX1 series push the operating time to up to 10 years without use of any external power!

To support all the new exciting features offered in the new RTCU SX1 series we also present the availability of the RTCU IDE 6.00.

Please read much more below...

RTCU SX1 series

The RTCU SX1 is a stand-alone tracking, monitoring and data collection device designed for applications, which require extremely long operating time without access to external power. Based on the X32 generation of RTCU products the SX1 series introduces zero-power saving mode reducing the power consumption in the deepest hibernation mode to virtually nothing. This state-of-the-art technology allows the unit to operate as long as 10 years with no external power!

The RTCU SX1 is a compact tracking, monitoring and data collection device especially designed for stand-alone as well as extremely long operating time in harsh environments. The product is fully integrated in an IP66 ingress-protected ruggedized plastic box, that can withstand years of operation. The zero-power saving mode allows the unit to enter power saving mode - waking up on the on-board 3D accelerometer, digital input change or after a certain time period – and to stay in this mode virtually forever only limited by the battery technology in use!

The RTCU SX1 series are available in versions for standard GSM (RTCU SX1 pro) and railroad based GSM-R (RTCU SX1 pro-r) for advanced and reliable asset tracking in a wide range of application segments. The RTCU SX1 series has support for medium range wireless communication using the ISM 868 MHz frequency band. This feature allows implementation of wireless sensors, RF-tracking and simple remote key fob applications.

For usage in various application scenarios there is no less than four on-board battery configurations available ranging up to a massive 58 Ah non-rechargeable pack.
The RTCU SX1 series has on-board antennas for GSM, GPS and ISM RF with an optional feature to use external antennas for longer range or for specialized applications, where the unit is installed in metal enclosures etc. Switching back and forth from internal to external GSM/ISM antennas can even be controlled programmatically by the application.

In addition to the powerful features allowing long-term autonomous operation the RTCU SX1 series also offers the possibility to operate from external power and has digital and analog I/O aswell as 1-wire and an RS232 port available for the most demanding applications. For flexible external interfacing the three PG7 blinds can be substituted with PG7 glands for IP66 protected cable entry.

For RTCU SX1 series has many other sophisticated features such as: Micro SD-CARD with up to 8 GB capacity and a 512 Kbyte internal flash drive with a FAT32 compatible file-system for easy sharing of files locally and remotely with a PC/server.

The RTCU SX1 series feature-list includes:

  •  X32 generation platform sharing common features and code compatibility.
  •  Huge memory capacity with X32 Enhanced Memory support
  •  Advanced zero-power saving mode with virtually no power consumption.
  •  Wake-up from zero-power: accelerometer, digital input, time and external power.
  •  Integrated battery power consumption measurement circuit.
  •  High performance 16g 3-axis accelerometer / movement sensor.
  •  SX1 pro:    Quad Band GSM support (850/900/1800/1900 MHz).
  •  SX1 pro-r: Triple Band GSM-R (900/1800/1900 MHz),
  •  GPRS Class 10 with full RTCU Gateway Professional support
  •  Supports GSM features such as SMS/PDU/CSD/GPRS.
  •  Full support for FTP and SMTP (email with attachment).
  •  Support for GSM SIM Chip.
  •  SuperGPS chipset with world-class performance and 2D/3D fix wake-up capability.
  •  Internal or external GSM quad-band antenna / GPS antenna.
  •  Medium range ISM RF Transceiver (868 MHz) with internal or external antenna.
  •  Application can switch between internal/external GSM / RF antennas.
  •  Support various for RF add-on modules.
  •  Externally / internally visible system LED and user LED. Internal DIP-switch.
  •  Several power-configurations supported:
    o 58 Ah (nominel) non-rechargeable battery. Height: 56 mm.
      o 24 Ah (nominel) non-rechargeable battery. Height: 43 mm.
      o 10 Ah (nominel) rechargeable battery. Height: 43 mm.
      o  2 Ah (nominel) rechargeable battery. Height: 43 mm.
  •  On-board temperature sensor.
  •  Dedicated high-speed USB programming port.
  •  Standard RS232 Serial port.
  •  Micro SD-CARD reader with FAT compatible file-system and up to 8 GB capacity.
  •  Internal 512 KB Flash-Drive with full FAT support.
  •  2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 2 analog inputs.
  •  1-Wire bus for connecting devices such as ID-Button reader and
     Temperature sensors.
  •  Supports the Navigation and Messaging Platform.
  •  Ruggedized IP66 classified plastic encapsulation with mounting flange.

The RTCU SX1 series is available for immediate delivery!

For additional information and ordering information please see here.



This major release of the RTCU IDE has full support for the new RTCU SX1 series, but also introduces other general enhancements.

The list of enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  •  Full support for the new RTCU SX1 series.
  •  Support for unit usage statistics (currently only for the RTCU SX1 series).
  •  Improved NMP documentation, including example project.
  •  Enhanced formatting of the RTCU IDE user manual.
  •  Documentation for using included command-line tools (VPL compiler etc.) added.
  •  + other improvements.  

Simulator Enhancements:

  •  Various changes related to the introduction of the RTCU SX1 series zero-power mode.
  •  + other minor enhancements.

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