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January 21, 2013

Dear RTCU User,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2013!

Early 2013 we have the pleasure to present an impressive list of new product and software releases. The new PNM-200 series Navigation and Messaging Device together with the new
NMP 2.00 software take this concept to a complete new level with state-of-the-art flexibility and reliability. The 2013 RTCU CX1 series is bringing 1-wire support with the new RTCU CX1i flex and RTCU CX1i pro!
On the commercial side, we have managed for the fifth year to maintain the prestigious AAA (Triple-A) credit rating.

In addition to the new PNM-200 series and the RTCU CX1i series, we have the pleasure of presenting the following list of new software releases:

  • Navigation and Messaging Platform V2.00
  • RTCU IDE 6.30
  • X32 firmware V2.84

Please read much more below...


PNM-200 series

The PNM-200 series is a complete solution using the Navigation and Messaging Platform (NMP) designed for the most demanding and professional fleet management applications.
The PNM-200 series offers a ruggedized 7-inch, easy to read, screen optimized for finger touch usage. A powerful processor and generous RAM and flash ensures a delightful experience.

The PNM-200 product comes with the NMP software/maps pre-installed and interface box and cables for the RTCU MX2i pro/pro+ and the RTCU CX1i flex/pro. Ready to go!

The PNM-200 product package includes:

  •  Rugged and durable Navigation and Messaging device:
             - 7-inch diagonal touch anti-glare TFT-LCD screen.
             - Driver friendly interface with 6 hardware buttons.
             - Powerful dual-speaker system.
             - Automotive interface cable with data and power.
             - Running Microsoft Windows CE.NET 5.0.
  •  Navigation and Messaging Platform software installed.
  •  Sygic maps installed according to customer requirements.
  •  NMP interface box for connection to RTCU unit and power.
  •  Interface cables for the RTCU MX2i pro/pro+ and the CX1i flex/pro.
  •  Power cable for connection to 12..36 volt.
  •  Dashboard mount.
  •  Optional: cable for connection to the RTCU IDE simulator.

The PNM-210 product additionally offers connection for up-to two analog cameras for rear-view or cabin monitoring.



Please visit our website here for Product datasheet and Technical Manual.

The PNM-200 series is available NOW!

RTCU CX1i flex / RTCU CX1i pro

The RTCU CX1i flex and RTCU CX1i pro
introduces support for modular 1-wire such as temperature and ID-button reader.
On the RTCU CX1i flex 1-wire is optional and is activated as part of the Communication on-demand option.


Please visit our website here for Product datasheets and Technical Manuals.


The RTCU CX1i flex and RTCU CX1i pro is available NOW!

Navigation and Messaging Platform V2.00

This is an upgrade package for the Navigation and Messaging Platform V2.00 with major and important improvements, including support for the new PNM-200 series.

The full list of news:


  • Support for the new PNM-200 series with dual camera, hardware buttons,
    back-light and status LED's.
  • Sygic navigation engine has been  upgraded to the latest version.
  • Support for defining a colour theme for the application.
  • Automatic switching between "day theme" and "night theme" at sunrise
    and sunset.
  • New function to retrieve the "home" position set by the user.
  • Popped up destinations can be closed with an optional timeout.
  • A button is added to clear driver ID and status.
  • The acoustic indication when stops and messages are added / deleted can be disabled.
  • When the map menu button is enabled, clicking it, while it is active will now close any
    open menus and return to the map.
  • Hiding and showing the menu and the custom buttons can be controlled from the RTCU.
  • Support for muting the device can be controlled from the RTCU.
  • Route can be cleared, when the destination has been reached.
  • Route summary is now removed, when the destination is deleted.
  • Replies to messages now use the message ID of the original message.
  • Faster start-up. 
  • + other minor enhancements.


  • Update progress events could fill the event queue with potential loss of important
     events to navWaitEvent.
  •  + other minor bugs.

Many of the enhancements above require the hardware support offered by the new  PNM-200 series.

This release introduces a change in the colour format used with nmpButtonCreate, nmpButtonColor and nmpButtonFlash requiring minor VPL code changes.

Update procedure:
Due to the size of this update it should not be transferred from the RTCU, but must be updated manually. This update will require two restarts with confirmation between each restart.


Please download from www.logicio.com.


This major release of the RTCU IDE includes compiler improvements, support for the new features in X32 firmware V2.84, and support for the Navigation and Messaging Platform V2.00 API extensions.
The list of enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  • Support for the major improvements in NMP V2.00. 
  • The #DEFINE compiler directive now supports declaring constant values
    and strings.
  • New feature to copy debug messages to the clipboard.
  • Formatting of the RTCU SD-CARD introduces dialog, when the operation
    takes extended time.
  • Improved handling of opened files, when connection fails through a gateway connection.
  • + other minor improvements.

Simulator Enhancements:

  • Support for the new functionality introduced in NMP V2.00.
  • + other minor enhancements.

Bugs which have been fixed in this release:

  • Spurious and incorrect 'ADDR() operator not allowed...' compiler error message.
  • Ignition in job configuration was in rare cases released when editing I/O extension.
  • + other minor bugs.

Please download from www.logicio.com.

X32 Firmware V2.84

This is release for the entire X32 series with an important list of enhancements and bug-fixes.

The full list of news:


Bug Fixes:

  • Certain new types of combined micro/mini SIM cards were not recognized
    on Telit based products.
  • Fileseek / rmonFileSeek RACP2 operation could not move file-pointer above 64K.
    This bug results in the RTCU Deployment Server being unable to transfer files
    larger than 64 KB.
  • RTCU CX1/SX1 series unit statistics min/max temperature were in some cases incorrect.
  • ICCID contained incorrect trailing character in some cases on Enfora bsed products.
  • Gateway connection re-establishment using Ethernet/Wi-Fi was not reliable.
  • + other minor bug fixes.


Please download from within the RTCU IDE or at www.logicio.com

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