Logic IO Newsletter
January 26, 2014

Dear RTCU User,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2014!

Logic IO has been in the M2M business since 1999 and for 14 years we have had the same goal of offering the most powerful, flexible and technically advanced M2M platform suitable for the widest range of applications.
As being one of the pioneers of cellular M2M technology Logic IO was the first to bring a number of technologies to the market, such as a fully programmable GPRS capable platform with over-the-air (OTA) update capability. This all happened back in 2003!

10+ years later we are more than ever committed to innovate and take our platform and products to the next level. We will continue to demonstrate technological leadership, innovation and a strong commitment to our corporate motto as "The M2M Enabler".

Logic IO is also an extremely healthy business underlined with a recently awarded Bronze AAA (Triple-A) for maintaining the highest possible credit rating for six consecutive years!
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In this newsletter we are bringing the following news:

  • RTCU CX1i pro+
  • X32 Firmware V3.14
  • RTCU IDE 6.53

The new RTCU CX1i pro+ offers a massive 4 MByte of additional on-board flash memory for demanding data intensive applications.

With X32 Firmware V3.14 floating-point support is now free of charge on all devices.
This means the RTCU CX1i flex and RTCU DX4 flex devices no longer requires the on-demand performance option to support floating-point.

Please read much more below...


RTCU CX1i pro+

The RTCU CX1i pro+ is adding additional 4 MByte of Dataflash memory to the already existing RTCU CX1i pro boosting the available user accessible flash from 192 persistent entries to a whopping 16492 entries!

Please visit our website here for Product datasheets and Technical Manuals.


The RTCU CX1i pro+ is available NOW!

X32 Firmware V3.14

This release for the entire X32 series introduces the following:


  •  Pure VPL execution is now up to 30% faster!
  •  Floating point is supported on all FLEX devices at no cost!
  •  gpsFix() now returns 'millisecond' information for the position. 

The gpsFix() improvement requires the installation of the new RTCU IDE 6.53.


Please download from within the RTCU IDE or at www.logicio.com


The minor list of enhancements:

General Enhancements:

  • Support for 'milliseconds' in gpsFix() as introduced in X32 firmware V3.14.

Bugs which have been fixed in this release:

  • Spurious crash when closing/opening, connecting/disconnecting a device.
  • Spurious crash when the simulator is stopped.
  • + other minor bugs.

Please download from www.logicio.com.

For further questions or enquiries:

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