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May 17, 2015

Dear RTCU User,

Welcome to some really awesome news from Logic IO!

In this newsletter we have the pleasure to present a brand new version of the RTCU IDE, that has been completely re-designed with a new look & feel and a powerful palette of new functionality.
The RTCU AX9 turbo is announced bringing a new powerful member in the RTCU AX9 series with highlights such as NX32 Execution Architecture, on-board Ethernet and a 3G/HSDPA GSM engine.

The following major software releases are now available for download:

Please visit the above links for detailed release details.

The RTCU AX9 turbo adds a new chapter to the highly successful era of the RTCU AX9i series offering a wide range of new features and performance improvement - not only due to the powerful NX32 Execution Architecture, but also with the addition of on-board Ethernet and a 3G/HSDPA GSM engine. The RTCU AX9 turbo is designed according to the highest technical standards for today's professional M2M telemetry applications.

The RTCU AX9 turbo is offering a long range of new features and performance improvements, while still resting on the proven track-record and confidence of the current RTCU AX9i series.

The RTCU AX9 turbo uses the next generation NX32 execution model and is fully backward compatible with the X32 execution model of the former RTCU AX9i series. Existing software will therefore be able to operate without any changes or costly re-testing. Mechanically and electrically the RTCU AX9 turbo is back-ward compatible with the RTCU AX9i pro and constitutes therefore a direct plug-in replacement.

For the most demanding applications the RTCU AX9 turbo operates with GSM 3G/HSDPA and also offers on-board Ethernet for the most flexible connectivity options.

The RTCU AX9 turbo rests on the RTCU M2M Platform, that brings all the necessary tools together to develop, implement and maintain today’s sophisticated M2M/IoT applications.

Please refer to the RTCU AX9 turbo datasheet here for comprehensive and detailed information on this exciting new device available June 2015.


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