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July 5, 2015

Dear RTCU User,

Welcome to "hot" summer news from Logic IO!

Heating up to 30 degrees Celsius here in Denmark and with only one week left before Logic IO closes for summer vacation we are still in good time for more news!
Allow us to present a cost-efficient version of the RTCU AX9 turbo announced in the last newsletter - The "cool" new RTCU AX9 encore!

The RTCU AX9 encore uses the next generation NX32 execution model and is fully backward compatible with the X32 execution model. Existing software will therefore be able to operate without any changes or costly re-testing. Mechanically and electrically the RTCU AX9 encore is back-ward compatible with the RTCU AX9i eco and constitutes therefore a direct plug-in replacement.

For world-wide usage in any network environment the RTCU AX9 encore offers a full quad-band GSM engine with a switchable dual antenna design supporting both an on-board as well as an external GSM antenna.

RTCU AX9 encore
technical highlights:

  •  Based on the RTCU M2M Platform.
  •  NX32 execution architecture:
    o RTCU IDE development tool with full a featured device simulator.
        o Huge standard API with more than 800+ functions.
        o Comprehensive protocol support, including:
        o Fully backward compatibility with existing X32 applications.
  •  World-wide Quad-band GSM engine
  •  Internal antenna and external GSM antenna connector. Application selectable.
  •  Internal SIM-card reader.
  •  Digitized audio can be played over GSM.
  •  DTMF support for implementation of Interactive Voice Response applications.
  •  Enhanced memory sub-system with fast program execution.
  •  Huge data-flash/logger memory with a capacity of 4.5 MB.
  •  Internal 4 MB FAT32 flash drive.
  •  Standard FAT32 SD-CARD reader with up to 32 GB capacity.
  •  RS232 channel with optional shared RS485 channel.
  •  2 x analog inputs with 0..10 volt / 0..20 mA with 12 bit precision.
  •  5 x digital inputs and 4 x high-power relays.
  •  Up to 4 digital inputs can be configured as IEC62053-31 Class A compliant.
  •  Expandable I/O with standard MODBUS modules.
  •  1-Wire bus for accessories such as ID-button reader, temperature sensors, etc.
  •  Wide AC/DC power operating range from 100..260VAC / 8..36 VDC.
  •  External DC power can be selectable enabled/disabled by the application.
  •  24 Volt DC-out capability for powering external equipment.
  •  On-board Li-Ion battery.
  •  Advanced power-management with wake-up on a wide range of events.
  •  High-speed mini-USB programming connector.
  •  Housed in a ruggedized plastic encapsulation with cable glands.
  •  IP65 protected for outdoor usage.
  •  Fully supported by the RTCU Gateway 2 and the RTCU Deployment Server.

The RTCU AX9 encore rests on the RTCU M2M Platform, that brings all the necessary tools together to develop, implement and maintain today’s sophisticated M2M applications.

Please refer to the
RTCU AX9 encore datasheet here for comprehensive and detailed information on this exciting new device available August 2015.
The datasheet for the full powered RTCU AX9 turbo is available here.


Logic IO will be closed for summer vacation from:
July 13 until July 31 (both days included)

During this period we are not able to ship products and support will be limited. 

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