Logic IO Newsletter
July 31, 2015

Welcome to the latest news from Logic IO!

Having just returned from our summer break feeling refreshed, we are now ready to head full throttle into a lot of new developments and products!
In this newsletter we are pleased to present new and exciting software releases as well as a new variant of the RTCU MX2 turbo!

The following major software releases are now available for download:

Please visit the above links for detailed release details.

One common features supported by the above software releases is the Large Packet Support (LPS), when communicating over the RTCU Gateway 2. With LPS the package data size is increased from 512 byte to as much as 4096 bytes. This 8X times larger packet size dramatically increases the performance and bandwidth for Gateway communication.

The RTCU MX2 turbo was released for a little bit more than a year ago, and with its powerful features and NX32 Execution Architecture, it was an instant success.
The RTCU MX2 turbo-2G is new variant offering the exact same features as the current RTCU MX2 turbo, except that it offers a
world-wide Quad-band GSM engine instead of the 3G/HSDPA engine.
Please read more about this exciting offering here.


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