Logic IO Newsletter
September 27, 2015

Welcome to amazing news from Logic IO!

We are from today offering all our devices FREE of charge - that is right! All devices are available FREE of charge as VIRTUAL devices, that works almost identical to the equivalent physical devices!

The RTCU Emulator released today offers a powerful Windows-based emulation environment for all current RTCU devices.
Using the RTCU Emulator gives the developer a very powerful tool allowing test and debugging of applications in the convenience of a Windows environment - without any need for a physical device!

The RTCU Emulator is based on the same source code as the actual RTCU device firmware. Almost all features and the behaviour of each and every physical device are precisely emulated.

The RTCU Emulator can be used as a stand-alone tool or it can be integrated swiftly into the RTCU IDE in order to make coding and test tightly connected. 

Please read more and download here.

In the last newsletter we released Large Packet Support (LPS) for the RTCU Gateway 2 and for NX32 Execution Architecture RTCU devices.
With LPS the package data size is increased from 512 byte to as much as 4096 bytes. This 8X times larger packet size dramatically increases the performance and bandwidth for Gateway communication.

In this newsletter we are further addressing the LPS support with the following software releases:

Please visit the above links for detailed release details.

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