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February 28, 2016

Welcome to the latest and greatest from Logic IO!

In this newsletter we are not only ready with a really long list of exciting software-releases, but also on the hardware side we have great news!

The RTCU DX4i pro has been through a minor, but important, facelift and is now called the RTCU DX4i pro mk2.
The product features are the same as earlier, but with one subtle difference that there is now two variants available.
First the RTCU DX4i pro-3G offering a world-wide Penta-band UMTS/HSPA engine and the the RTCU DX4i pro-2G with a world-wide quad-band GSM engine.
With the introduction of a world-wide Penta-band UMTS/HSPA 3G engine we are proud to present a truly global M2M device platform that is especially suitable for areas where 2G is no longer a viable solution. For more information see here.

Also introduced is a GPS receiver for the RTCU DX4i pro for applications, where localization or a precise clock are crucial elements.
The GPS Smart-antenna is IP66 protected and comes with a 4.5 meter cable, that connects directly to the RTCU DX4i pro.


The list of software releases are quite long and comprehensive:

Please follow the links above for detailed information on the news for each release.
The headlines includes support for the new RTCU DX4i pro mk2, Large string support (LSS), Modbus TCP, an enhanced navigation engine and much much more...

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