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September 1, 2016

Welcome to the latest news from Logic IO!

In this newsletter we present the RTCU MX2 turbo UDR and the latest software releases!

The RTCU MX2 turbo can now be ordered in a new variant that offers state-of-the-art Untethered Dead Reckoning (UDR) technology from uBlox.

Poor signal conditions (such as urban environments) highlight the benefits of Untethered Dead Reckoning (UDR), even for complete signal loss (parking garages, short tunnels) and for devices with antennas installed within the vehicle.

With UDR, positioning starts as soon as power is applied to the module, before the first GNSS fix is available. The RTCU MX2 Turbo UDR may be installed in any position within the vehicle without configuration. In addition to its freedom from any electrical connection to the vehicle, the on-board accelerometer and gyroscope sensors result in a fully self-contained solution.

With this technology the advantages are:
  • World's first untethered dead reckoning GNSS solution
  • Independent of any electrical connection to the car
  • Positioning accuracy in dense cities and covered areas
  • Complete positioning solution with integrated 3D sensors

Learn more about this exciting technology here.

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The latest software releases are:

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