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January 29, 2017
Welcome to the latest news from Logic IO!

In this very first newsletter in 2017 we are bringing exciting news both on the RTCU hardware and RTCU software scene!

Firstly we have the pleasure to announce an important facelift on the popular RTCU CX1 warp series.
The new RTCU CX1 warp mk2 offers significant enhancements with its World-wide capable Penta-band UMTS/GSM cellular engine and a start-of-the-art GNSS positioning engine with simultaneous support for GPS, GLONASS and QZSS.
The RTCU CX1 warp mk2 is available for ordering now.
For additional information please see the detailed product page here.

For many years most of our automotive devices have had support for the Fleet Management Interface (FMI) available in selected Garmin Navigation devices. The combination of an RTCU device such as the RTCU MX2 turbo and a powerful navigation device such as the Garmin Dezl 770 constitutes a cost-effective fleet management solution.
The Garmin Fleet Management Interface supports implementation of advanced fleet management applications integrating Navigation, Two-way messaging, Driver identification and Job dispatch capabilities. The Job dispatch functionality includes advanced features such as support for routes with multiple stops, route optimization and periodic Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) notifications.

The illustration below shows the system architecture with the various components constituting a complete Fleet Management solution:

The RTCU Interface cable are available in several variants depending, on what kind of traffic services and  devices in question. For additional interface please see here.

Moving on to the latest software releases we have the pleasure to release the following new versions:

Probably one of the most important changes in the RTCU IDE is the full integration of the RTCU Emulator and the obsolescence of the former inbuilt Simulator.
The RTCU Emulator is a major leap forward in the true virtualization of the RTCU devices for the benefit of the most efficient development cycle.

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