Logic IO Newsletter
October 17, 2017

Welcome to the latest news from Logic IO!

With the release of the RTCU NX-400 we are now ready with software releases to supercharge this powerful new device!
For the first time ever we offer the possibility for companies other than Logic IO to develop native extensions to the RTCU platform!
Allow us to present the RTCU M2M Platform SDK!

RTCU M2M Platform is designed to be as open, adaptable and programmable as possible, and for most applications the power and flexibility offered with the RTCU IDE  are sufficient to realize the most advanced M2M applications, but for applications, which require a deeper customization we now present the RTCU M2M Platform SDK!
With the RTCU M2M Platform SDK it is possible for advanced users to expand the platform on the Linux system level with so called Platform Extensions.  The SDK includes several working examples of Platform Extensions such as:  Echo server, HttpServer and an NTP module.

We are also excited to present the following new releases:

Follow above links for release information.

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