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December 17, 2018
Welcome to the last news in 2018!

As the year is turning to an end we would like take the opportunity to wish all our partners a happy and relaxing holiday season. We have had a great year, and we are excited to look into 2019, where we have some real game changers in the pipeline!
...Read on - there is still juice left in 2018!


For many years we have had support for the Garmin Fleet Management Interface (FMI) and today, in the latest firmware and RTCU IDE, this support is greatly enhanced with many new features, such as custom forms, avoidance areas, speed limit alerts, sensors display, and a lot more!
Please take a look at the new datasheet for the Garmin Fleet Management Interface here.

We also have the pleasure of introducing the new Garmin Dezl 780 that fully supports all the new features.


GALILEO is now supported on the RTCU MX2 turbo device.

With GALILEO, the powerful GNSS receiver on the RTCU MX2 turbo now supports a total of four satellite networks: NAVSTAR (GPS), GALILEO, GLONASS, and QZSS. Multiple constellations are tracked and used simultaneously to obtain the most accurate positioning on the market. No changes to the application software are required to take advantage of GALILEO.
The RTCU MX2 turbo with GALILEO support is shipping now!

As some of our partners have noticed, an important event is about to happen on April 6, 2019 when the GPS Week Number Rollover event occurs.
This event may cause problems depending on how the GPS chipset handles the 10-bit field that represents the week number in each GPS time message. A maximum of 1024 weeks can be handled, and this period is called an epoch. At the end of each epoch, the receiver resets the week number to zero and starts counting again. The current epoch started on 1 August 1999. The next GPS rollover is therefore on April 6, 2019, when the receiver will revert to week number zero and start counting up to 1023 again.
For more information, please refer to the official statement from US Homeland Security here.

To ensure a smooth GPS Week Number Rollover event, with no unpleasant surprises, we have acquired a full-featured GNNS Simulator, allowing us to play this event on all device types we have ever manufactured.
The good news is that ALL RTCU devices are ready for the GPS Week Number Rollover event - except the RTCU M10 series that we cannot guarantee will function correctly.
The RTCU M10 series was discontinued almost 15 years ago, so it is unknown how many are still in service.


Finally, we have the pleasure of announcing the following new software releases:

Follow the above links for release information.

Please download from www.logicio.com


** Vacation Notice **
Logic IO will be closed from December 22, 2018 until January 2, 2019 (both days included).
During this period, support will be limited and only available through email.

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