Logic IO Newsletter
March 3, 2019

In this very first newsletter of 2019, we have the pleasure to release a lot of new functionality centered around improvements in the programming language, environment, and runtime capabilities.  New software releases of paramount importance are at this moment announced!

The announcements in this newsletter are motivated by the following highlights:

  • Dynamic string size has been increased from 254 to 16384 characters.
  • Support for new unsigned data types: USINT, UINT, and BYTE.
  • New DOUBLE precision (64 bit) floating point data type.
  • INTERFACE / IMPLEMENTATION when declaring function and function blocks.
    Works as a "forward" declaration to solve dependencies. Hides the implementation.
  • Multi-level include (INC) file support.
  • Support for user-files placed on the internal drive (NX32L).
    Automatically transferred by the RTCU IDE, but also fully supported by the RDS.

In addition to the above highlights, there are a lot of new functionality and improvements released. Please follow the links below for detailed release information:

The new data types (unsigned/double) and the support for long strings requires support for the new EIS3 (Enhanced Instruction Set V3), and therefore the following products have been updated accordingly:

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