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July 27, 2019
We are today launching the new RTCU NX-200!

The RTCU NX-200 is the most advanced automotive IIoT Gateway product available on the market today.
Based on the successful hardware architecture from the RTCU NX-400, it features an added range of sophisticated automotive features like a full-motion sensor suite, dual CAN bus interfaces, World-wide LTE, and a slick aluminium encapsulation with a clear reference to the popular RTCU MX2 turbo!

The RTCU NX-200 is based on the NX32L (NX32 for Linux) architecture, which embraces many new technologies and at the same time maintains full backward compatibility, which ensures already implemented and tested NX32 applications can execute without changes.

The RTCU NX-200 device is designed to meet the ever-increasing challenges on security, in that it offers full TLS on all major protocols and includes a hardened protected execution environment with dual-boot and automatic fallback and recovery.

The RTCU NX-200 device is an automotive-grade device that is designed from the ground up for professional M2M / IIoT applications with its strong on-board I/O capabilities and multiple communication interfaces such as World-wide cellular LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic / Low-Energy, Dual CAN bus, Ethernet, dual RS232, RS485, and 1-Wire.

The RTCU NX-200 also sports two USB host port interfaces allowing for expansion of the device with accessories such as RFID reader, additional Ethernet port, and additional RS232/RS485 ports.

The on-board I/O system can be expanded almost indefinitely and completely transparently by adding Modbus I/O modules.

The RTCU NX-200 is fully software and hardware compatible with the RTCU MX2 turbo.

Technical Highlights:


  •  Based on the RTCU M2M Platform.
  •  NX32L (NX32 for Linux) execution architecture.
    •  RTCU IDE development tool.
    •  Operates under a full and highly optimized Linux variant.
    •  Open and extendable with RTCU Platform SDK.

Hardware Core:

  •  Cortex-A5 32-bit ARM processor operating at 500 Mhz.
  •  Hardware floating point and DSP instructions.
  •  128 MByte LP-DDR RAM.
  •  512 MByte NAND Flash (file-systems).
  •  16 MByte NOR flash (system boot).
  •  8 MB Dataflash (persistent memory/datalogger).
  •  128 KB SRAM with battery back-up (unlimited endurance).
  •  Real-time clock with battery back-up.


  •  Embedded firewall.
  •  TLS/SSL support with full certificate management.
  •  TLS/SSL support for all major TCP protocols, such as SMTP, MQTT, and sockets.
  •  Hardware assisted encryption/authentication.

Wireless Communication:

  •  World-Wide LTE Cat. 4 Cellular Engine.
  •  Dual Mini-SIM card readers, with Mini-SIM.
  •  Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).
  •  Classic and Low-Energy Bluetooth.
  •  Multi-constellation GNSS with GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO.
  •  Optional: GNSS with Dead Reckoning.

Wired Communication:

  •  100 Mbps Ethernet LAN interface.
  •  Optional 2nd Ethernet LAN interface.
  •  Dual channel Full CAN 2.0B controller with hardware filtering / multi-speed support.
  •  1-Wire bus for accessories such as ID-button reader, temperature sensors, etc.
  •  Dual USB host ports for unlimited expandability.
  •  2 x RS232 channels and 1 x RS485 channels.

I/O Interfaces:

  •  5 x digital inputs.
  •  4 x high-power solid-state digital outputs.
  •  4 x flex-inputs with dual-mode operation (digital/analog).
  •  2 x analog inputs 0..10 volt / 12 bits resolution.
  •  Expandable I/O with standard Modbus modules.

User Interaction:

  •  4 x bi-colour LED and dual DIP-switches.
  •  Virtual jumpers for RS485 and CAN termination.
  •  Reset / recovery switch.
  •  High-speed Mini-USB service-port connector.


  •  3-axis Accelerometer with 16g scale.
  •  3-axis Gyroscope with 2000 dps scale.
  •  3-axis Magnetometer with 50 gauss scale.
  •  Temperature sensor.


  •  Fully digitized audio system.
  •  Transfer, store, and play audio.
  •  Amplified speaker output.
  •  Microphone input.
  •  Digitized cellular audio.
  •  DTMF support for Interactive Voice Response applications.


  •  Internal flash drive with up-to 512 MByte capacity.
  •  Persistent memory and circular datalogger.
  •  Standard SD-CARD reader.
  •  USB flash media.

Power and Battery:

  •  Operating voltage from 8 to 36 VDC.
  •  On-board 2.6Ah Li-Ion battery with intelligent charging.


  • Custom designed aluminium profile with mounting flange and plastic-end caps.

Regulatory Approvals:

  •  Automotive EMC Directive, UN ECE R10 (E1).
  •  Radio Equipment Directive, RED 2014/53/EU.
  •  RoHS Directive, 2011/65/EU.


For further information please visit the RTCU NX-200 product page here or write to sales@logicio.com.

The RTCU NX-200 can be ordered NOW!

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