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February 16, 2020
Welcome to the latest news from Logic IO!

In this newsletter, we are pleased to announce the release of the new
RTCU Communication Hub
- a powerful successor to the RTCU Gateway 2 with a strong focus on security and performance. In the slipstream of this significant release, several software components have been updated accordingly.

The RTCU Communication Hub is a managed middleware service that enables reliable and secure bi-directional communication between RTCU devices installed in the field and the application back-end infrastructure.

The RTCU Communication Hub works over any TCP/IP based communication channel, whether it is behind a NAT firewall or a dynamic IP address schema. For full flexibility, it can be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

This powerful communication backbone routes not only application-level data but also supports additional services such as the RTCU Deployment Server and the RTCU IDE development tool.

The RTCU Communication Hub offers several layers of security, including X.509 TLS secured communication with full certificate management. Automatic data compression is supported for lower communication costs and reduced latency.

The main features of the RTCU Communication Hub:

  •  Advanced 64-bit server architecture. 
     Supports thousands of clients and massive traffic.
  •  Runs as a Microsoft Windows service.
     The service will start without user log-on and can also be managed remotely.
  •  Support for up to 32 separately configurable and isolated hub instances.
  •  Remote manageable using the "Monitor" tool client utility.
  •  Password protected remote access.
  •  Comprehensive logging functionality.
  •  Advanced filtering functionality for powerful log-analysis.
  •  Graphical diagnostic tool.
  •  Secure TLS socket communication.
  •  Full X.509 certificate management.
  •  Automatic data compression for lower communication costs and reduced latency.
  •  Automatic fallback and recovery.
  •  Plug-in architecture for extending functionality and backbone integration.
  •  Plug-in developers kit is available for free.
  •  Integrated device time service.
  •  Open-source integration libraries.
  •  Support the RTCU Deployment Server and the RTCU IDE.
  •  Backward compatible with the RTCU Gateway 2.
  •  Free for up to 25 clients. A license must be purchased for additional clients.

For further information please visit the RTCU Communication Hub product page here or write to sales@logicio.com.

In addition to the RTCU Communication Hub we are today releasing



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