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December 30, 2020

 Welcome to the last news for 2020!  

Before we all turn to hope and light in 2021, we look back at a year that most of us could never have imagined being part of.  This year has been a struggle for individuals and businesses all over the world, so we want to thank all our friends and partners for staying strong with us.
Let us now move on towards a better time again!



In this newsletter, we are pleased to announce the RTCU MX2 warp.
This latest addition to the popular RTCU MX2 family is based on the RTCU MX2 turbo 2G and the RTCU MX2 encore. The RTCU MX2 warp has on-demand options, and with all features enabled, it has the same features as the RTCU MX2 turbo 2G.
The RTCU MX2 turbo 2G and the RTCU MX2 encore will no longer be offered for sale.
For more information, please visit the product page for the RTCU MX2 warp.


The RTCU MX2 turbo LTE is now available in an enhanced version with u-Blox M8U GNSS Untethered Dead Reckoning (UDR) technology offering unprecedented performance in difficult environments, such as in an urban jungle with high-rise buildings etc. In the latest firmware and RTCU IDE, there is support for advanced installation scenarios, such as on bikes and special vehicles.
Please also refer to the white paper from u-Blox.


The following new software releases ready for download:


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