Logic IO Newsletter
April 18, 2022

 Welcome to the latest news from Logic IO!

In this newsletter, we are pleased to announce a substantial list of important and significant software releases.
The very first NX-based device - the
RTCU NX-400 now gets a facelift with the introduction of the new RTCU NX-400 evo!

The new RTCU NX-400 is currently available in two variants with either worldwide UMTS (3G) or LTE Cat. 4 for Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (EMEA). With the RTCU NX-400 evo we are now introducing a truly universal LTE solution that will work in any cellular network around the world!
For more information, please visit the product page for the RTCU NX-400 evo.

The following major software releases are ready for download:


This is a critical firmware upgrade that *must be installed*.
Please consult the detailed instructions here.

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