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RTCU Gateway 2

RTCU Gateway 2 V3.30
Released:  October 7, 2018.

Bug fixes:

  •  Possible freeze condition when overloaded with many simultaneous non-authenticated connection attempts.
  •  Selecting a line in the Message Log only worked with a precise click on the date.


  •  All new NX32L transactions are now recognized.
  •  Device packet counter changes to count Kbyte instead of bytes to avoid wrap-around.
  •  Enhanced packet throughput.
  •   + other minor improvements.



RTCU Gateway 2 V3.20
Released:  July 31, 2015.

RTCU Gateway 2 V3.20 is a major release with Large Packet Support (LPS).
With LPS the packet size over the Gateway is increased from 512 bytes to 4096 bytes.
This 8X times larger packet size offers higher bandwidth and performance.

The major improvements include:

  •  Support for Large Packet Support (LPS).
  •  + other minor improvements.


To take advantage of LPS it is necessary to use the RTCU IDE V8.10 and Firmware V4.40



RTCU Gateway 2 V3.12
Released:  February 9, 2015.

RTCU Gateway 2 version 3.12 offers enhanced performance and stability.

Bug fixes:

  •  Stability issues related to the use of Encryption.


  •  License management improvements when MACHINE-ID is changed.
  •   + other minor improvements.



RTCU Gateway 2 V3.10
Released:  November 10, 2014.

RTCU Gateway 2 version 3.10 is a major release with enhanced performance and stability.
It is recommended to use this version with RDS V4.10 or later.
Upgrade is highly recommended.

Bug fixes:

  •  Memory leak when devices connect/disconnect.
  •  Shutdown sometime hangs with high processor usage.
  •  Spurious crash/hang (experienced in V3.02)


  •  Gateway instances are now FREE OF CHARGE. Up to 32 gateway instances can be created.



RTCU Gateway 2 V3.00
Released:  July 6, 2014.

RTCU Gateway 2 V3.00 is a major release with support for NX32 Execution Architecture devices.
The major improvements include:

  •  Support for NX32 devices. Currently this is the RTCU MX2 turbo.
  •  + other minor improvements.




RTCU Gateway 2 V2.02
Released:  June 5, 2013.

RTCU Gateway 2 V2.02 is a minor release with the following improvements:

  •  Full unicode support for use of regional characters.
  •  + other minor improvements.


RTCU Gateway 2 V2.00
Released:  November 19, 2012.

RTCU Gateway 2 is a major release and is the successor to the RTCU Gateway Professional.

The major improvements include:

  •  32 bit and high performance 64-bit versions available.
  •  Highly optimized core routing communication engine.
  •  Re-designed and improved user interface with on-line help.
  •  Multiple gateway instance support. Up to 32 isolated gateways on the same server.
  •  Multiple monitor client support. Up to 10 simultaneous clients supported.
  •  Separate installation for Server and Monitor functionality.
  •  RTCU Gateway Plug-in architecture with Developers Kit available for free.




RTCU Gateway Professional V1.28
Released:  July 2, 2012.

This release of the RTCU Gateway Professional V1.28 includes the following improvements:


  •  Windows DEP (Data Execution Protection) prepared.
  •  Compression flag ignored on log-on packages (due to a bug found in X32 firmware 2.64).
  •   + other minor enhancements.


RTCU Gateway Professional V1.26
Released:  August 24, 2011.

This release of the RTCU Gateway Professional V1.26 includes the following improvements:


  •  List of clients can now be sorted according to selected column.
  •  Number of licensed clients now shows in control panel.
  •   + other minor enhancements.

Bug fixes:

  •  Service could crash if multiple GET LOG LAST command over TELNET were issued.
  •  Using the command line options could violate access rights on Windows Vista/7.
  •  In rare cases using a dotted IP-address directly did not work.



RTCU Gateway Professional V1.25
Released:  September 27, 2010.

This release of the RTCU Gateway Professional V1.25 includes the following improvements:


  •  Windows 7 compatibility (32/64 bit).
  •  Renamed from GPRS Gateway Professional to RTCU Gateway Professional.
  •  Improved validation of user entries in the Control Panel.
  •  Revised system requirements documented.
  •  New Gateway transaction to request extended information on the connected clients.
     The new transaction is documented in the latest RTCU Gateway Protocol 2.13.
  •   + other minor enhancements.

Bug fixes:

  •  Control panel did often not show the time service information.
  •  Starting the monitor initially incorrectly stated 'Gateway not found'.
  •   + other minor Bug Fixes.



GPRS Gateway Professional V1.20
Released:  August 31, 2009.

This is a major release of the GPRS Gateway Professional V1.20, with exciting news such as an advanced in-build Time Service allowing the connected clients to stay synchronized with a centralized time source. Also this release allows up to 25 free clients!

The improvements are:


  •  Time Service allowing clients to synchronize the time to the gateway centralized time. Local and UTC time can be requested
     (Requires firmware 1.50 and later)
  •  Number of free clients increased to 25.
  •  Full support for 64-bits Microsoft Windows, such as the new Server 2008.
  •  Full Vista UAC compliant.
  •  Wise Installer used for easy and safe installation. 
  •  New RACP2 commands included in Message Log.
  •   + other minor enhancements.

Bug fixes:

  •  Rare cases of crash when clearing the log in the Monitor tool fixed.
  •  The 'Flags' field were sometimes much to wide.
  •   + other minor Bug Fixes.

Upgrade is recommended!