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RTCU X32/NX32 Firmware


RTCU M2M Platform SDK V1.11.00
Released:  July 1, 2018.


RTCU M2M Platform SDK V1.11.00 includes the following improvements:


  •  RTCU M2M Platform module extension example projects:
    •  Full-featured extension module with support for Radiocrafts RC1180-MBUS Wireless M-bus modules.
    •  Example project named 'ext_lib' that implements a small XML library demonstrating how to use external, static libraries.
    •  Enhanced audio example.
  •  Enhanced support for audio-streaming.
  •  New vplSetIOSignal() function to control RF module and serial ports.
  •  New vplFsMapFile() function for access to system files and devices.


NOTE: Runtime-Firmware V1.11.00 or later is required.