navStopRouteAddPoint (Function)

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NX32 / NX32L

Device support:

MX2 turbo/encore/warp, AX9 turbo, NX-200, NX-400, NX-900

Firmware version:

4.70 / 1.30.00

Nav. API level:


This function will add a stop or a via point to the route that is currently being constructed.

Via points are used for shaping the route while stop points are used to define intermediate destinations.


To avoid problems due to differences between the map on the navigation device and the map used for creating the route, the following guide lines should be used when adding points:

Via points are recommended to be placed at least 50 meters apart when shaping a route travelling the same road segment.

Avoid placing via points on or near intersections. Placement of the point at least 25 meters from any other road is advised.

Stop points are recommend to be placed at least 160 meters away from the next immediate turn required.

Use of multiple via points along the same guidance path may not be necessary. Via points can be used for purpose of identifying a new guidance maneuver (e.g., turning left) where a via point can be placed just before or after a turn point. Guidelines should continue to be followed where a 25 meter minimum distance is recommended between the placed via point and the intersection.

Avoid placing via and stop points on or within 25 meters of an on-ramp or exit-ramp. For intentional exits, it should be sufficient to place the via point on the next road maneuver required.

Avoid placing via and stop points on or within 25 meters of an interchange, or a bridge crossing one or more roads.

Avoid placing via points or stop points in a tunnel.




stop : BOOL (default : TRUE)

Set to false to create a via point that has no text.


text : STRING

A text to describe the stop point. not used for via points. Max 39 characters.


latitude : DINT

The latitude of the position.


longitude : DINT

The longitude of the position.



Returns: INT


- Success.


- The route is not being constructed. Call navStopRouteCreate first.


- The text is invalid.


- There is not space for this point. It may be necessary to split the route up into smaller routes.


- The route must begin with a stop.



FUNCTION navStopRouteAddPoint : INT;
  stop     : BOOL := TRUE;
  text     : STRING;
  latitude : DINT;
  longitude : DINT;



PROGRAM NavigationExample;
  // Add a stop point
  navStopRouteAddPoint(stop := TRUE, latitude := 666367158, longitude := 117518775, text := "Start");