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June 27, 2007

Dear RTCU User,

Welcome to the latest Newsletter from Logic IO before we close for, the earlier announced, 
2 weeks summer vacation.

This Newsletter is bringing exciting news including a VGA Camera Module for the RTCU MX2i Professional and a new version of the RTCU IDE with full simulator support for the new MDT-200 Mobile Data Terminal.

Read more about these news and much more below...

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The Logic IO Team

Logic IO will be closed for summer vacation from:
July 7 until July 22 (both days included).

During this period we are not able to ship Products and Support will be limited,
and only available through e-mail.

VGA Camera Module for the RTCU MX2i

The VGA Camera Module (CAM-100) for the RTCU MX2i Professional is extending the functionality of this powerful platform with the capability to take colour pictures in standard JPEG format. The pictures taken can be transmitted over GPRS to a server and/or saved to a SD-CARD file.
The Camera Module is supporting implementation of applications such as:

  • Remote monitoring of equipment, devices, work areas and locations
  • Vehicle, including driver/passenger, monitoring
  • Security applications
  • Any event-trigger applications
  • Stealth security applications
  • ....many other applications where "a picture is worth a thousand words"...

The VGA Camera module connects directly to the RTCU MX2i Professional and requires no external power-supply.
The VGA Camera module is easy-to-use through the dedicated functions in the RTCU IDE development software.

Visit the following links for examples of pictures taken with the product:

The ordering code for this new product is RT-O-CAM100-MX2.

Mobile Data Terminal MDT-200

In the last Newsletter we had the great pleasure to introduce the second generation of our popular Mobile Data Terminal series.
With the MDT-200 the following major enhancements have been introduced:

  • Large screen area, due to 1/4 VGA resolution
  • 320 x 240 pixels (1/4 VGA) resolution
  • 11 lines, 28 characters per line. (50% more screen-area than the MDT-100)
  • 21 tactile keys and a 4 way cursor
  • Full numeric keypad for easy entry of numbers/text
  • User defined characters for multilingual support
  • Wide viewing angle

The new MDT-200 is now available in versions for both the RTCU MX2i product and the RTCU M11i Series. The latest RTCU IDE V4.75, also announced in this newsletter, includes full simulator support for the MDT-200 

For further information please visit our Products page here


The new RTCU IDE V4.75 has been released. The most important news in this release are the Simulator support the new MDT-200 and the Filesystem access functionality allowing remote access to the SD-CARD on the RTCU MX2i Professional.

The complete list of news:

General Enhancements:

  • New filesystem dialog allowing full access to the MX2i SD-CARD.
    The following functionality is available:
    format/eject media, create/delete directories and rename/delete/import/export files.
  • Various new functions added to the on-line help/code wizard:
    camOpen, camClose, camPresent, camSnapshot, mdtDefineChar and mdtProfile.
  • + smaller number of enhancements

Simulator enhancements:

  • Full Simulator support for both the MDT-200 and MDT-100 Mobile Data Terminals.
  • fsFileGetSize(), as found in latest MX2i firmware, added
  • The show file dialog in the Simulator can now show files as text or binary.

Bugs which have been fixed in this release:

  • Spurious crash (in RS232 simulation) when closing RTCU IDE fixed.
  • Erase of persistent memory did not work after a fetch operation was cancelled.
  • Crash when a VSMS was sent with illegal long length.
  • + smaller number of bug-fixes

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

RTCU MX2i Professional Firmware V1.07

This release of the firmware for the RTCU MX2/MX2i Professional includes most importantly support for the new Camera Module and RACP SD-CARD remote access support.

This is the complete list of improvements:


  • VGA Camera Module support. New API: camOpen, camClose, camPresent and camSnapshot.
  • RACP SD-CARD Remote file access support.
    Full set of remote access operations are available:
    format/eject media, create/delete directories and rename/delete/import/export files.
  • Major improvements in GSM network registration times in advanced roaming situations.
  • New filesystem API to get the size of a file: fsFileGetSize.
  • Ringing tone in headset is now continuous during an incoming voice call.
  • Hysteresis implemented for the "Course over Ground" GPS parameter.
    This is to avoid spurious update, when vehicle is completely stopped.
  • + other minor enhancements.

Bug Fixes:

  • chWrite() with a timeout that expires could result in memory leaks.
  • Problem to access arrays of functions blocks/struct > 256 bytes.
  • Completely wrong GPS positions experienced in rare cases.
  • + other minor bug-fixes.

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

RTCU Communication Deployment Package V7.00

The RTCU Communication Deployment Package V7.00 has been released.
A complete set of operations to access the SD-CARD filesystem on the RTCU MX2i Professional have been added. Please see the RTCU Communication Deployment Package documentation here for more information.

Please download it from www.logicio.com

RTCU RACP Transaction Specification V1.12

This RTCU Communication Protocol Documentation Set describes the protocols used for communicating with the RTCU unit using a serial line (cable or modem) or over a GPRS connection using the GPRS Gateway Professional.
This Documentation Set is composed of the following three documents:

  • RTCU GPRS Gateway Protocol (V2.00)

  • RTCU Serial Line Remote Access Protocol (V2.20)

  • RTCU RACP Transaction Specification (V1.12)

The RTCU RACP Transaction Specification has now been updated to include the Filesystem access transactions.

RTCU Micro Standard Application V2.20

The RTCU MICRO Standard application offers extremely easy setup/use of the unit for simple applications not requiring the full flexibility of the RTCU IDE programming environment. The pre-programmed functionality allows generating SMS-messages and/or calling up with user recorded voice message on the leading and/or falling edge of an input. By sending an user defined SMS-message or calling the unit using voice/DTMF the outputs can be controlled. Temperature monitoring and GPS functionality for geofencing are also included in the standard application. The configuration is performed either by SMS-messages by using the RTCU Micro Configuration Tool available free of charge.

For more information read here.

This release only offers s
maller enhancements including speed/heading information in GPS status SMS messages.

RMA Procedures

For customers sending repairs directly to us, we have earlier released our new web based RMA system. The goal is to make the repair process more efficient and faster by the use of a web-based form, where all relevant information can be submitted to us as easy as possible.

Please visit our Support/RMA page for additional information

...under development

Logic IO is always busy working on new enhancements and products.
Currently we are working on the following:

  • Various software enhancements
  • ... and much more!

Suggestions, comments and ideas to new features/products are always welcomed..

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