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January 22, 2009

Dear RTCU User,

First of all a delayed Happy New Year with the best wishes for the new year from all of us at Logic IO. We are looking forward to yet another year of fruitful co-operation.

In 2008 we were for the second time in a row awarded the prestigious Gazelle Award by D&B and the Danish business newspaper B°rsen. The Gazelle award is nominated to fast growing companies, which creates many job opportunities.
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In December 2008 we expanded our office-space to twice the size, so that we now have more than 400 square meter available in our headquarter in Horsens! The additional space will be used for our stock facility and to create room for hiring additional personal.
The expansion was quite easy, as we simply joined with the ground floor in the existing building, where we reside, so that we now have taken disposition over the entire building!

Make sure to read this Newsletter to its end as we have some interesting news, including the RTCU A9i LAN product and a lot of detailed information about the exciting new RTCU DX4 pro soon to arrive on the market!



The RTCU A9i LAN product is a combination of the RTCU A9i product and Ethernet add-on module separately available for the MX2i Pro product.

The RTCU A9i LAN product has the same features as a standard RTCU A9i MAX product with the addition of Ethernet as an alternative method for establishing a connection to the GPRS Gateway Professional. With the powerful API available the application can decide, whether the Gateway connection should be established over GPRS or Ethernet, and therefore a failsafe fallback mechanism can be easily implemented.

The RTCU A9i LAN product supports connection to a standard Ethernet 10/100 Mbps cable infrastructure and is supplied with a standard CAT-5e RJ45 female connector.

Advanced configuration is supported using an easy to use web-based interface, where various parameters such as DHCP / IP-address, net-mask are configured.

The RTCU A9i LAN product is available now!

RTCU DX4 pro

The RTCU DX4 pro is an exciting new telemetry product based on the well proven and popular X32-platform also used in the MX2i Series.

The RTCU DX4 pro offers a long list of powerful and versatile functions.

The long list of features includes:

  •  Based on the well proven X32-architecture (same as the MX2i Series).
  •  100% Software compatible with all current and past RTCU units!
  •  Back-lit Graphical LCD display (144x32 pixels) with user defined character support.
  •  Integrated fully programmable keyboard with 8 keys.
  •  Quad Band GSM Engine for world-wide operation. External SMA connector.
  •  Prepared for deployment of Gemalto embedded M2M SIM chip.
  •  Supports all GSM features such as Voice/SMS/PDU/CSD/GPRS.
  •  Interactive Voice Response System support (User defined messages/DTMF).
  •  GPRS Class 10 with full GPRS Gateway Professional and VSMS support.
  •  Standard SD-CARD reader with FAT32 compatible file-system. Up to 2 GB!
  •  Internal 512 KB Flash-Drive with full FAT32 support.
  •  Full CAN 2.0B controller with hardware filtering.
  •  1-Wire bus for connecting devices such as ID-Button reader and Temperature sensor
  •  USB ready (slave).
  •  Programming port.
  •  RS232 port with optional RS485 support (shared with programming port).
  •  One RS232 port with all control signals available.
  •  One dedicated RS485 for I/O extension or general purpose use.
  •  Full MODBUS SLAVE support for SCADA integration or I/O slave module.
  •  Full MODBUS MASTER support for easy I/O extension capability.
  •  Transparent I/O extension using I/O Manager integrated into the RTCU IDE.
      Remote I/O will appear the same way as on-board I/O!
  •  On board 8 Digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs.
  •  Up To four IEC62053-31 Class B (S0) compliant digital inputs.
  •  Analog inputs supports 0..10V and 0..20 mA.
  •  Two-part pluggable connectors for fast installation and maintenance.  
  •  On-board temperature sensor.
  •  Piezo Buzzer for audible notification.
  •  On-board battery charger with high-capacity battery pack.
  •  Low temperature battery-charging down to -10 degrees Celsius.
  •  Advanced Power-management with power-down and wait-for-event modes
     Wake-up on: Digital input, Timeout, GSM-, CAN-, RS485- or RS232-activity
  •  Encapsulated in a M36 DIN-rail enclosure.
  •  Highly expandable:
     Bluetooth Smartantenna, VGA Camera module, Mobile Data Terminal
     WiFi and Ethernet.
  •  Full supported by the powerful RTCU IDE development environment.
  •  CE approval.

Maybe the most exciting new feature is the support for transparent I/O extension by the simple connection of up to 32 external MODBUS modules to the dedicated RS485 port on the DX4 pro unit.
The actual I/O profile is easily defined, as part of the project, in the RTCU IDE and at run-time all I/O's will operate alike - whether they are on-board or remotely allocated!

Extending the I/O has never been easier!

The extensible transparent I/O concept will also in the near future become available on other products such as the MX2i Series.

The DX4 pro is scheduled for release in March 2009, and at the time we will also be offering a range of MODBUS I/O modules - ready for use!

Later the low-cost DX4 eco will be released at a price-level below the current RTCU D4 product, which at that time will be taken off the market.

RTCU MX2 Series Firmware V1.22

This is a minor firmware release for the MX2i Series, with the most important feature is support for low-temperature charging down to minus 10 degrees Celsius.
This is a nice feature here in the cold north!

The list of improvements in firmware release V1.22 are:


  •  Low temperature battery charging down to -10 degrees Celsius .
     The charging process will automatically adapt to the lower temperature condition.
  •  Improved performance in the FAT32 file-system implementation.

Bug Fixes:

  •  Using GSM PIN could under special conditions result in a unit fault.
  •  gpsPointInPolygon() could yield a wrong result in some special cases.
  •  RS232 port 0 could loose characters, when initially opened by the application.
  •   + other minor Bug Fixes.

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

MDT-200 Firmware V1.01

This minor firmware update to the MDT-200 product includes support for keyboard backlighting. The MDT-200 hardware product itself has always supported this feature and is now also fully supported in the firmware.
The keyboard backlight will automatically be enabled, when the LCD backlight is enabled by the application.

Please download this new version from www.logicio.com

New Antennas!

We are now offering the following new antennas:

RTCU Combined "stick" GSM/GPS Antenna
his is a low-cost combined quad band GSM/GPS antenna for easy installation. The slim form-factor of this antenna makes it ideal for installation in difficult places.
The dimensions are only: 96mm x 36mm x 15mm.
It has a SMB female connector for the GPS and a SMA male connector for the GSM part.
Comes with 3 meter cable and can be connected directly to the MX2i or M10G/M11Gi.
Must be mounted with the adhesive side facing reverse the sky - towards the installation surface.

RTCU Compact Combined Roof GSM/GPS Antenna
This is a compact low-cost high-quality roof GSM/GPS antenna for easy outdoor installation - typically on roof-top of vehicles.
It has a SMB female connector for the GPS and a SMA male connector for the GSM part. Comes with 5 meter cable and can be connected directly to the MX2i or M10G/M11Gi.


Please contact Your Supplier or Logic IO for more information on these new products.

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