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March 1, 2009

RTCU DX4 pro released!

The RTCU DX4 pro is an exciting new telemetry product based on the well proven and popular X32-platform also used in the MX2i Series.

The RTCU DX4 pro has been designed ground up for professional wireless industrial applications with its strong on-board I/O capabilities and multiple communication interfaces such as:
CAN bus, 1-Wire, USB, RS232 and dual RS485 channels. The on-board I/O capabilities can be expanded almost indefinitely and completely transparent by adding external MODBUS compatible I/O modules.

The RTCU DX4 pro offers a long list of powerful and versatile features:

  •  Based on the well proven X32-architecture (same as the MX2i Series).
  •  100% software compatible with all current and past RTCU units!
  •  Back-lit Graphical LCD display (144x32 pixels) with user defined character support.
  •  Status panel showing battery/charger, GSM signal-strength and GPRS status.
  •  Integrated fully programmable keyboard with 8 keys.
  •  Quad Band GSM Engine for world-wide operation. External SMA connector.
  •  Prepared for deployment of Gemalto embedded M2M SIM chip.
  •  Supports all GSM features such as Voice/SMS/PDU/CSD/GPRS.
  •  Interactive Voice Response System support (User defined messages/DTMF).
  •  GPRS Class 10 with full GPRS Gateway Professional and VSMS support.
  •  Standard SD-CARD reader with FAT32 compatible file-system. Up to 2 GB!
  •  Internal 512 KB Flash-Drive with full FAT32 support.
  •  Full CAN 2.0B controller with hardware filtering.
  •  1-Wire bus for connecting devices such as ID-Button reader and Temperature sensor
  •  USB ready (slave).
  •  Programming port.
  •  RS232 port with optional RS485 support (shared with programming port).
  •  One RS232 port with all control signals available.
  •  One dedicated RS485 for I/O extension or general purpose use.
  •  Full MODBUS SLAVE support for SCADA integration or I/O slave module.
  •  Full MODBUS MASTER support for easy I/O extension capability.
  •  Transparent I/O extension using I/O Manager integrated into the RTCU IDE.
      Remote I/O appears the same way as on-board I/O!
  •  On board 8 Digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs.
  •  Up to four IEC62053-31 Class B (S0) compliant digital inputs.
  •  Analog inputs supports 0..10V and 0..20 mA.
  •  Two-part pluggable connectors for fast installation and maintenance.  
  •  On-board temperature sensor.
  •  Piezo Buzzer for audible notification.
  •  On-board battery charger with high-capacity battery pack.
  •  Low temperature battery-charging down to -10 degrees Celsius.
  •  Advanced power-management with power-down and wait-for-event modes
     Wake-up on: Digital input, Timeout, GSM-, CAN-, RS485- or RS232-activity
  •  Encapsulated in a M36 DIN-rail enclosure.
  •  Highly expandable:
     Bluetooth Smartantenna, VGA Camera module, Mobile Data Terminal,
     WiFi and Ethernet.
  •  Fully supported by the powerful RTCU IDE development environment.
  •  CE approval according to EU EMC Directive 2004/108/EU.


For more information on the RTCU DX4 pro product, including Datasheet and Technical Manual, please visit the product link here.

To expand the I/O capability of the RTCU DX4 pro almost any MODBUS compatible I/O modules can be connected to the product configured using the I/O Expansion configuration functionality available in the new and powerful RTCU IDE v5.00.


Logic IO is initially offering the following well tested MODBUS I/O modules that can easily be connected to the RTCU DX4 pro product:

  •  8 channel Analog Input module.
     Resolution of 12 Bit with several ranges of voltage/current.
  •  8 channel Analog Input module.
     16 Bit resolution with several ranges of voltage/current.
     Includes support for thermocouple and open loop detection.
  •  4 channel Analog Output module.
     12 Bit resolution with voltage/current support.
  •  14 channel Digital Input module. Fully isolated.
  •  8 channel Digital Input / 7 Digital Output module.
     Open collector digital output. Non-isolated.
  •  4 channel Digital Input / 5 channel relay Digital Output module.
     Contact rating for relay Output are 5A/250VAC. Fully isolated Digital Output.

Datasheet and Technical documentation for the above MODBUS I/O modules will be available soon on www.logicio.com.

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