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June 2, 2019

In continuation of the programming language enhancements introduced in the last newsletter, we are excited to present the new and powerful
NX32L Compilation Mode
supported by the latest Linux based RTCU devices, such as the RTCU NX-400 and the soon to be announced RTCU NX-200.

The NX32L Compilation Mode is designed to fully tap into the power and capacity of the latest NX32L Architecture devices, such as the RTCU NX-400 and the coming RTCU NX-200.

The key advantages of this compilation mode are as follows:

  • Dedicated NX32L Architecture Compilation Mode.
  • Much larger application program memory.   
  • Project Drive with support for sub-directories.
  • Virtually unlimited size of array data-structures.
  • Uninitialized variables will not take up space in the application image.
  • Large String Support (LSS) is a fully integrated feature.
  • Enhanced handling of Platform Extensions and the Internal Drive.

With the NX32L Compilation Mode and the latest Firmware enhancements, the following application resources are dramatically increased:

  • Application image size increased from 1 Mbyte (NX32) to 4 Mbyte.
  • RAM size increased from 390 Kbyte (NX32) to 4 Mbyte.
  • Code size increased from 1 Mbyte (NX32) to 2 Mbyte.
  • Total number of dynamic strings increased from 600 to 4096.
  • Total maximum size of strings increased from 128 Kbyte to 512 Kbyte.
  • Number of threads increased from 20 to 64.
  • Number of Semaphores increased from 64 to 256.
  • Number of Mutexes increased from 64 to 256.
  • Number of Channels increased from 32 to 128.
  • Total channel memory size increased from 39 Kbyte to 256 Kbyte.

In addition to the above highlights, there are a lot of new functionality and improvements released. Please follow the links below for detailed release information:

To support the new NX32L Compilation Mode, the following products have been updated accordingly:

Please download from www.logicio.com


Finally, we are proud to present that for the 13th year in a row, Logic IO was nominated the prestigious Triple-AAA
Credit Rating from Bisnode.


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