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August 30, 2020

 Welcome to the latest news from Logic IO!

The RTCU NX-900 was successfully launched at the beginning of this year and today we are bringing the cost-effective RTCU NX-910 to the market.  We are also announcing a list of software releases - including the support for two of the most popular cloud platforms, the  Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, and the Google Cloud IoT Core.


he RTCU NX-910 is a more economical version of the full-featured RTCU NX-900 that has certain features omitted for a perfect balance between price and functionality.

The differences between the RTCU NX-910 and the RTCU NX-900 are summarized in the table below:

The RTCU NX-910 device is based on the NX32L (NX32 for Linux) architecture, which embraces many new technologies and, at the same time, maintains full backward compatibility. This ensures already implemented and tested NX32 applications can execute with no changes.

The RTCU NX-910 shares the form-factor, power and I/O architecture of the popular RTCU AX9 encore, as well as the power and advanced NX32L features from the RTCU NX-900!

The RTCU NX-910 is designed to meet the ever-increasing challenges on security, in that it offers full TLS on all major protocols and includes a hardened protected execution environment with dual-boot and automatic fallback and recovery.

The RTCU NX-910 device is an industrial-grade device that is designed from the ground up for professional M2M / IoT applications with its strong on-board I/O capabilities and multiple communication interfaces, such as LTE Cat. 1, Ethernet, dual RS232, dual RS485, and 1-Wire.

For more information and the technical highlights on the new RTCU NX-910, please visit the product page here.

With the RTCU NX-900 and the RTCU NX-910 on the market, there is a perfect match for any applications that are currently utilizing the RTCU AX9 turbo. As of today, we are therefore no longer offering the RTCU AX9 turbo for sale, but the lower-cost RTCU AX9 encore will continue to be available.

The RTCU NX-910 is in stock and can be ordered NOW!


The RTCU MX2 turbo LTE has been on the market for almost nine months and has taken over entirely from the RTCU MX2 turbo 3G.
As of today, the RTCU MX2 turbo 3G will no longer be offered for sale, and the RTCU MX2 turbo LTE will be presented at the same price.
The RTCU MX2 turbo 2G will continue to be available.


We are thrilled that RTCU connectivity now offers easy integration with Google Cloud IoT Core and the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.
Please visit the application note section for information on the two application notes demonstrating the communication over MQTT with these popular Cloud providers.


We now have the following new software releases ready for download:


Finally, we can once again announce that Logic IO for the 14th year in a row was awarded the prestigious Triple-AAA Credit Rating from Bisnode for "A company with an exceedingly strong ability to meet current payment obligations."


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