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Who we are

Logic IO is a Danish company founded in 1999 working primarily within the fast growing business of Machine to Machine / Machine to Man / Man to Machine (M2M) communication using technologies such as GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP, GPRS/SMS servers and GPS.
Logic IO has development and
production facilities in Denmark and Estonia.



Our mission

To offer the best M2M solution based on GSM and GPS technology we have invented what we call the "RTCU concept". The RTCU concept has been developed right from the beginning as an extremely general and flexible platform for fast implementation of applications within the area of security, remote meter reading, remote monitoring, mobile tracking systems, alarm systems, vending machines + much much more. There are really no practical limitation to what the RTCU concept can be used for, is used and will be used for!!



The M2M Enabler

We like to think about our self as "The M2M Enabler Company" allowing our customers to concentrate on the actual application and not be buried into all kind of technical details usually involved in realizing an idea. We move the technology to the next level by offering a standard platform that dramatically reduces development cost and time to market. We protect our customers investment by bringing improvements to current products as well as new products to support leading edge technologies and at the same time keeping backward compatibility as much as possible. A good example is an RTCU application written using SMS messages will WITHOUT any modification to the program run on our latest product line using GPRS as the communication media!