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RTCU Instrumented Execution (IEX) - Beta 2
Released: July 14, 2024.


The RTCU Instrumented Execution (IEX) is a supplementary product to the RTCU IDE that significantly enhances the platform's test and debugging capabilities.

Using IEX, it is possible to monitor and instrument a running application on any NX32L-capable device. Hardware virtualization supports a swift switch between physical and virtual hardware so that, for example, only the I/O is virtual, whereas the remaining hardware is physical. With Insight!, a new and powerful window into application execution opens up, as all variables and threads can be monitored and changed live.
RTCU IEX is a versatile tool that can be used in a development scenario as well as in a production environment where a hard-to-find bug or hardware issue needs to be analyzed.

The RTCU IEX is a powerful successor to the RTCU Emulator. As it runs on a physical device, it gives more exact information on an application's behavior. It uses virtual hardware similar to the RTCU Emulator but with shadowed physical hardware available at an instance. This allows for a gradual transition from full virtualization to entirely physical hardware as development progresses.

RTCU IEX - key features:

    •  Allows emulator-like execution in a physical device.
    •  Automatically integrates with the RTCU IDE.
    •  Supported by all NX32L capable devices.
    •  Comprehensive logging functionality.
    •  Local cable connection. Remote access is under development.
    • Insight!
      •  Live view/editor for all global variables.
      •  Threads can be stopped and resumed at any time.
      •  A coded breakpoint can stop a thread.
      •  The call stack of a stopped thread can be inspected/modified.
      •  Automatic reference to PTR, ACCESS, and global variables.
    • Virtual hardware:
      •  Digital and Analog input/outputs.
      •  Power and battery.
      •  CAN buses.
      •  GNSS / GPS.
      •  RS232 ports.
      •  RS485 ports.
      •  SMS / PDU.
      •  Network interface state.
    • Monitoring:
      •  Detailed cellular information.
      •  Detailed WLAN information.
      •  RCH information
      •  Access Point information.
      •  USB host port information.

This is the 2nd beta release with the following important enhancements:

    •  No need to open any incoming firewall rules.
    •  Support for background monitoring when a module window is closed.
    •  Search functionality to search for variables in the Insight! window.
    •  Control Panel status icon for each module, showing:
      •  Log enabled.
      •  Virtualization enabled.
      •  Background monitoring is active.
      •  Notification of a pending event.
    •  Functionality to save/load profiles for different test scenarios.
    •  Enhanced handling of log messages from each module.
    •  Many improvements and bug fixes.

This beta version of the RTCU IEX is composed of the following files:

Please follow the Getting started with IEX section in the RTCU IDE.

Note: It is important to install both the RTCU IEX Beta 2 and the RTCU IDE 9.98 IEX Beta 2.

Feedback or questions are more than welcome. Please do not hesitate to write to support@logicio.com