NX32L Execution Architecture

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The NX32L Execution Architecture operates under Linux and is available on the latest generation of RTCU devices such as the RTCU NX-400 and the RTCU NX-200.

NX32L inherits all the features and is fully backward compatible with the NX32 Execution Architecture, This means that any binary executable will run without any changes.

Using the NX32L compilation mode a long list of enhancements will be available:


VPL application resource enhancements:

oImage size increased from 1 Mbyte (NX32) to 4 Mbyte.

oRAM size increased from 390 Kbyte (NX32) to 4 Mbyte.

oCode size increased from 1 Mbyte (NX32) to 2 Mbyte.

Project drive enhancements:

oMulti-level sub-directory support with up to 1023 files.

oThe capacity is increased from 1 Mbyte to 2 Mbyte.

Large String Support (LSS) is implicit and can not be disabled..

Non-initialized application variables will not take up space in the execution image. This enables large data-structures without an increase in application size.

Large array support with an unlimited number of elements and an unlimited size of each element. Only limitation is the RAM size.



The following run-time resource enhancements are also available:


Total number of dynamic strings increased from 600 to 4096.

Total maximum size of strings increased from 128 Kbyte to 512 Kbyte.

Number of threads increased from 20 to 64.

Number of Semaphores increased from 64 to 256.

Number of Mutexes increased from 64 to 256.

Number of Channels increased from 32 to 128.

Total channel memory size increased from 39 Kbyte to 256 Kbyte.

VPL thread stack size increased from 1 Kbyte to 4 Kbyte.

Function local variables size increased from 0.5 Kbyte to 1 Kbyte.

Prepared for VPL application dynamic memory management.



The RTCU NX32L execution architecture is supported by Runtime-firmware V1.40.00 and later versions.