Project View: I/O Extension net

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This dialog allows one to configure an I/O Extension net.



This is the role that the RTCU device will take on the net.



In this mode, the RTCU device will monitor the Inputs and Outputs of the remote devices that are present on the net.


In this mode, a remote device on the net can monitor the available Inputs and Outputs of the RTCU device.



This is the address of the RTCU device.

The address is only used when Slave mode is selected.



This is the MODBUS configuration used to communicate with remote devices on the net.

The configuration will be set to MODBUS default values when a new net is added.

Note: When these values, apart from the port number, are changed, the new setting must be deployed to the device with Setup device.

The port is enumerated as follows:

Port 0

Serial port 0

Port 1

Serial port 1

Port 2

Serial port 2


Primary RS485 port


Secondary RS485 port

(If not present the primary RS485 port will be used)

(See ser: Serial port for more information)


Note: Not all RTCU devices have three serial ports. Please consult the technical manual for the relevant model.

Note: The RTCU device will always use RS485 if the selected serial port supports this.